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You Do Not Make Money with Social Media!

You Do Not Make Money with Social Media!

You Do Not Make Money with Social Media!!

By Shelley Mitchell, President/CEO – My Personal Business Coach LLC

All too often I hear new potential clients or a friends complain “but I posted it on Facebook and no one called me” or “I tweeted and no one bought anything” or “I spent hours creating an event on Facebook and Google plus and NO ONE came to my event”…  “I just can’t do this…..”

So, I’m not sure where in the world of ours when the day change where people started thinking that social media was the answer to our prayers and was the new secret weapon to grow our businesses into huge gold mines.  When did spending hours online building business fb pages and crafting the perfect quote for today REPLACE true marketing, branding, partnering, developing relationships closing sales and providing on-going, exceptional customer service?  It didn’t!  This misconception DRIVES ME NUTS because I see so many clients spend countless hours trying to implement social media and are convinced that their lack of knowledge in this area is the reason why their business isn’t achieving the levels they truly desire.

NEWSBREAK!  You do not make money with Social Media!

So how do you make money?  Simple…  By doing business with people who KNOW, LIKE and TRUST YOU…

“Well that sounds great Shelley but how do I do that?”

I’m here to tell you that I did it too.  I killed myself for months, weeks and hours setting up (or trying to) the perfect social media platforms, finding all the great magical statuses to post and friending everyone from Mafia Wars (does that game even exist anymore?)  I’m also here to tell you that I wasted A LOT OF TIME doing that and was really exhausted.  It wasn’t until I started building relationships with people, touching them and listening to them and what they needed (not what I thought they needed) did I start truly growing my business. 

What’s all the hype about then?  Well, Social Media IS Amazing…  It’s a great tool to help you touch someone even better if you utilize it correctly and it help you accomplish some wonderful things but FIRST, understand that there are 4 keys to Social Media Success.  They are:

  1.  Find Interested People
  2. Deliver Quality Content
  3. Capture Information
  4. Keep in Touch!  (yes, this means follow up – human to human, one on one)

Social Media is simply a tool to help you BUILD those relationships to find interested people, deliver quality content, capture information and Keep in touch.  This is how someone grows to KNOW, LIKE and TRUST YOU…

By using Social Media as this powerful tool, it:

  • Gives you CREDIBILITY
  • Increases REFERRALS
  • Develops new RELATIONSHIPS
  • Get higher prices for your products and services
  • Gives you VISIBILITY
  • Develops FAMILIARITY
  • Develops TRUST
  • Then able to OFFER your products and services
  • Perceive you as the EXPERT

Remember, GROUP messages are great for “breast cancer awareness month status reports” and general announcements and for posting groups/events/forums to gather others for a common purpose but for you to be truly effective in building relationships, you must:

  • always post with the mindset of ENGAGEMENT of others (ask people to LIKE if they agree, incorporate a link to your site OR include photos with your info on it)
  • always reach out ONE ON ONE with a personal message/chat  (I usually hit MAYBE on events just so I can keep track but it’s not until someone CALLS ME on the phone or sends me an personal message that they’d like for me to come and are following up is my interest really peaked)
  • be INTERACTIVE with others and their posts and successes.  (like, encourage and let your peeps know you are paying attention to them)
  • Oh, it’s also super important to SUPPORT OTHERS.  When a fellow business owner is posting something valuable to them, please LIKE or even SHARE it with others.  Giving to others will always create more space in your world for you to RECEIVE greatness into your life.

In hopes these tips will assist you in creating your Social Media Plan, I hope you also enjoy reading them.  If you are READY to take your business to the next level and would like to schedule a consultation on how My Personal Business Coach can be your partner in this journey, please click here and take advantage of a complimentary consultation.   http://www.mypersonalbusinesscoach.com/ConsultationRequest.en.html

Shelley Mitchell, CPM, CAPS, CAM, HCCP, MORS, COS

(Creator of THE RIGHT BRAIN SOLUTION (tools for the creative entrepreneur) & Author of the forthcoming book series “How To Get & keep What You Really, Really Want – Using SMART Goals to get UNSTRESSED and OUT of OVERWHELM”)