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The REAL Reasons we get DISTRACTED & the Proven Ways to GET FOCUSED! by Shelley Mitchell

The REAL Reasons we get DISTRACTED & the Proven Ways to GET FOCUSED! by Shelley Mitchell


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WHAT keeps stopping you, slowing you down on getting in your way of HAVING what you really want?

(ADHD or not… the answer is usually the same)
I ask this question of my potential clients who come to me because they are ready to move to the next level in their business.
It’s also the same questions I ask my current clients who gets stuck.
We ALL Get STUCK from time to time but do want to know what the #1 answer is I hear from 99% of folks?
“I can’t stay FOCUSED” – OR – “I keep getting DISTRACTED”…
DISTRACTIONS or “not being able to FOCUS” is the number #1 KILLER of our success!  (in our business, our lives, our health, our relationships, our careers and the list goes on!)
So my blog this week is about…

The REAL Reasons we get DISTRACTED & the Proven Ways to GET FOCUSED!

First of all, we may not realize this but FOCUS is a limited resource.

YUP!  We keep trying to find “more” FOCUS when we have used it all up on something else.

Knowing that it’s limited, you have to CHOOSE what you want to use it for.

Here are some causes of “DISTRACTIONS” which cause us to use up our FOCUS resource and have nothing left for what we thought we wanted it for.

1.  You are using up your FOCUS on the wrong things – 

According to Psychology Today, “Every time you focus your attention you use a measurable amount of glucose and other metabolic resources. Studies show that each task you do tends to make you less effective at the next task, and this is especially true for high-energy tasks like self control or decision making so distractions really take their toll.”

FIX – “Know” that your FOCUS is limited and actually make conscious choices to how you want to use it. A daily plan could act like a checkbook register for how you want to spend your FOCUS.

2.  It might not be IN YOU to actually get it done – 

Another conversation I have a lot, including when I’m talking to my son which he working 6 days a week at his intensive summer sales job is about trying to force yourself to do something that really isn’t IN YOU to do…

 If something is not in line with your internal values (and you may not even know what those are) then no matter how hard you try to do something,

SOMETHING ELSE will always seem to get in the way.

So while you are beating yourself up over and over again for “not getting something done”, the truth is… that your values are talking to your brain and preventing you from doing it.

And now you are exhausted and feel worthless and wonder “why can’t I just get that done?”.

FIX – I suggest you get in tune with what those values are and create your to-do list from things that will SUPPORT what you truly want to accomplish and not what you THINK you SHOULD BE doing. A “Values” test through a coach or the “The Passion Test” which we do for our Get Your IPA On clients is a great resource.

3.  “Winging It” is NOT a Plan – 

We get up, have an idea of what needs to happen, make the coffee, start getting ready for the day and you head to the office (in home or out) and 3 hours surprisingly pass and you have NO IDEA what happened. You were working, you were busy and you knew there was something you NEEDED to do because you couldn’t sleep the night before thinking about it. But something else happened, something went wrong, someone had a problem for you to solve, the traffic was bad or the dog got sick, who knows….

If you aren’t planning out your day, IN WRITING, and the things you are planning are not in line with your biggest priorities and your values, it really isn’t going to get done unless you just happen to get lucky.

FIX – Have a DAILY plan, a weekly plan and an overall VISION/MISSION for your life and business at a minimum. We focus on 30 days and 90 days at a time with our clients at My Personal Business Coach because we are working on adding an extra 6 figures to our business each year.

Your Daily Plan should have specific STEPS that are moving your vision/mission and GOALS forward and they should be quantifiable. (you should be able to “measure” them.)

4.  It’s Not In the Calendar – 

I created the Daily Success Planner after having thousands of people love the Weekly Success Planner. I’m a master at getting things done… but only when it’s IN MY PLANNER.

When I started working with my Health Coach, I agreed to drink a greenie each day. But each time I met with her, I had accomplished a LOT each week but that was the one thing that never happened. SOMETHING always got in the way. We were both stumped!

She called me one day and very loudly said “I figured it out!”. You are NOT drinking your greenies because there’s no place in your new Daily Success Planner for this. She said she “knew that I didn’t do anything unless it was in my planner”…  We discovered that I had incorporated the self-care piece in my Weekly Success Planner but didn’t carry it over to the Daily Planner.

SO, as you will see, PRIORITY #2 is now “ZEN” which is the place I put that one simple thing I can do for myself each day.

FIX – If it’s not worth tracking, it’s not worth doing. SCHEDULE what is important to you and hold that appointment with yourself. Give it the importance it deserves.

5.  The Oreo’s Have Voices! – 

One of my philosophies on how help our clients is to use the “OREOS IN THE PANTRY” method. That’s how I explain to my clients about what I do to help them. ELIMINATING the distractions are important. No one has the perfect willpower, 100% of the time.

If I was a health coach and we were cutting out sugar, we would throw the oreos OUT because we all know that they start calling our name from the pantry in the middle of the night.

I help my clients determine what the “oreos” are in their business and their life that are preventing them from accomplishing things that move their business forward.

FIX – You have to ask yourself the question “what got in my way this time?” and really think about it. Figure out what your “oreos” are and then throw them out, or give them away to someone really skinny 🙂


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In order to know and FOCUS on what’s really important, I want to share this with you.


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10 Signs You Are A PROCRASTINATOR & the #1 thing I do PERSONALLY to get $hit DONE!

10 Signs You Are A PROCRASTINATOR & the #1 thing I do PERSONALLY to get $hit DONE!
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Are you a PROCRASTINATOR?  I used to be a TOTAL PROCRASTINATOR and then I changed this one thing…
In my new blog just out today, (SEE BELOW) you will discover

“The 10 Signs You Are A PROCRASTINATOR and

the #1 thing I do PERSONALLY to get $hit DONE! 

– including going from totally ADHD and DISTRACTED to 2 published books & a multiple 6-figure business!

but first, YOU MUST JOIN ME

*******TONIGHT******* Dr. Yvonne Oswald LIVE!


It was not that long ago that I dialed in to a free call and heard this lady talk about this weird stuff called NLP and Hypnosis..

“Hmmm, interesting but that’s just a little woo-woo and would NEVER work for me” I said to myself but then…

I was chosen to be the “volunteer” for a TWO-MINUTE Exercise in front of hundreds of other people and I learned SOMETHING about myself that CHANGED THE COURSE of my life FOREVER!


Now TONIGHT, I have the PRIVILEGE and HONOR of interviewing that same woman and I get to SHARE IT WITH YOU!

Please join me as I interview Dr. Yvonne Oswald, Award Winning, Best Selling Author and she teaches us

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Brand New BLOG Just Released!
By  Shelley Mitchell

Being TOTALLY ADHD with a Capital H, I had a very roller coaster life and career of STARTING everything and finishing NOTHING…

Now, as an expert in helping entrepreneurs and business owners turn their Passion into successful, PROFITABLE businesses, I’m a certified Business Coach and ADHD Coach, and even built a 6 figure business in my first full year and multiple 6 figures businesses thereafter… oh, and published 2 books.


Guess what!? 

I’m still totally ADHD -and- even though I might seem a bit unorganized at times and ALL over the place, the TRUTH IS that I get MORE DONE in one day than most people do in a week!


Here’s are the 10 signs to see if you are a PROCRASTINATOR and the #1 thing I do personally to get so much done!


(straight from Procrastinators Anonymous)  Compulsive procrastinators may not have all the signs listed here, but if you identify with many of these characteristics, you are probably a compulsive procrastinator.

1.    We keep disappointing other people and ourselves by not keeping our promises.

2.    Difficulty getting started on new projects or transitioning from one project to another.

3.    Poor Sense of Time – USUALLY LATE – chronically underestimating or overestimating how long a task will take us to complete.

4.    Difficulty organizing projects by breaking them down into steps; we don’t know where to start, even when we’re willing to start.

5.    Surrounded by clutter and disorganization in our homes and work spaces.

6.    We are regularly late for appointments.

7.    We are acutely aware of what we should be doing, or think we should be doing, and oddly out of touch with what we actually want and need.

8.    Trouble saying “NO” to requests from others, and instead express our resentment through the passive resistance of procrastination.

9.    Demand Resistance, (do what?)  We do anything and everything except the one thing we most need to do.

10.    Short-term thinkers, focusing on short-term pleasure while ignoring long-term well-being.  (if you don’t have a written daily plan or even a business/marketing strategy, you might be a PROCRASTINATOR)

OMG, after reading this list, that was/is SOOOOO ME!

But I have figured out the SECRET to tricking myself every single day.

While there are a lot of things that go into having a successful business, IMPLEMENTATION is the one biggest one you need to have.

Without, VISION, IMPACT, Marketing Strategies & Tactics and Systems in place, it could get a little messy but if you don’t take ACTION on what you need to do, it will NEVER happen.

The IMPLEMENTATION piece is where most people fall short.

So what is my SECRET WEAPON?  Or the weapon against my procrastinating nature…?

The answer is:  TIME BLOCKING!

Yes, Time Blocking!  This is my very tight-leash I put on myself.  Even my man knows to put the time we want to spend time together INTO my calendar.

If it’s NOT in my calendar, then it doesn’t happen, period…. 

WHY?  Because I’m so tough on myself?  Absolutely Not…

If I don’t put it in my calendar, I will FORGET everything, maybe even my name so time blocking keeps me on track with everything including:

•    what I was doing,

•    what I need to do,

•    what’s next

•    where I need to be,

•    what time I need to leave,

•    who I need to call and even simply,

•    how to plan my life

TIME BLOCKING – simplified

Color Coding –

Some people may think putting EVERYTHING in your calendar can be visually overwhelming, so I make sure I COLOR CODE my activities.

Also, when cash flow seems to be “slow” or I something seems to be going the wrong direction, I can easily look at the overall picture and see “by the COLOR” where I was spending most of my time.

The answer to my problems usually shows itself very quickly in the colors.

Here are the colors I personally use but I suggest you use what makes sense to your brain-style and your life.

  • GREEN – a potential or current CLIENT or JV (anything that may contribute to being an income producing activity)
  • BLUE – IN PERSON… Since I do a lot of my work on the phone or online, I needed a way to differentiate an “IN PERSON” appointment.  This way, I know if SPANX or mascara is going to be required…ahead of time and I’m not rushing around trying to find the two
  • PURPLE – anything personal from a doctors appointment to attending a party to my DATE NIGHT (and yes, I block out date night)
  • AQUA BLUE – anything requiring me to travel away from home/office.  Typically AQUA BLUE references the beach or ocean or a VACATION but since I made sure that I work the majority of my trips around my business.  So, whether I’m going to Hawaii for 2 weeks for vacation (which I’m sure to book a speaking engagement or something business related when I go.) or I’m traveling to my mastermind in St. Pete or speaking in Texas, it’s ALL AQUA BLUE.  I love to travel, meet new people and see new things, so this category gets my favorite color.
  • CORAL – this is an appointment where I’m getting COACHED or TRAINED or am working on business operations.  Its my own business development or personal development.  My call with Dustin Matthews or Dave VanHoose (my business and speaking coaches) is CORAL and my PLANNING TIME allocated SOLELY for the development of my business is all CORAL.  For me to do my blog, I have to block out the time to work on it – OR – IT DOESN’T GET DONE…  As I’m writing this, I’m in a CORAL block…
  • RED! – this means DO NOT FORGET, DO NOT CHANGE, SOOOOO IMPORTANT….. whether it’s my one day event “Speak Sell Serve Live” which is blocked out of my calendar, my private masterminds I’m doing with my clients or personal commitment like the Training Committee with Junior League of Boca Raton, this is RED in my calendar, so I know that it’s NOT flexible, not negotiable and MUST ATTEND.
  • YELLOW – is tentative.  These are things that I would LIKE to do.  They show up as “open” and not marked as “busy” until I make it so.  I actually keep a separate calendar in Google with all of the ongoing networking events locally and in the towns we want to expand our presence, and when I see availability for me to attend, I BOOK IT.  My team knows that these are things we would “like to” do but if a client has an urgent need or we have a potential client to work with, they can OVERWRITE this area.  It’s all about PRIORITIZING.
  • GRAY – this is my gray area.  I block out my “get ready” time and my driving time to get to appointments so I don’t get caught the ADHD’ers most common trait of doing “just one last thing” and end up late again.


I add pop-up reminders and alarms for important things, so I don’t lose track of time and for the most part.

Also, everything is usually blocked out in 1-hour increments.


I also add “labels” in my appointments like “SS” for Strategy Session or “CC” for Current Client so if I need to do a “SEARCH”, all of my history can be pulled up at a moments notice.

Having the information on your history, your future, and your productivity is HUGE and will be the key thing to adding $$$$ to your bottom line.


This all may or may not make complete sense to you, so I suggest you analyze how your brain works and create systems that work for you.

First, there is NO SYSTEM IN THE WORLD that works for EVERYONE!  

Also, It takes 21 days of CONSISTENT use to form a habit so you can’t do it for a week and then say “it didn’t work.”

By the way, before my son left to college, we blocked out every Monday from 3:30 to 5 pm and it was HIS TIME.  If he wanted me to go to the grocery store with him or just sit outside and talk, it didn’t matter.  It was his time, and everything else was OUT of that moment.

He ultimately chose it to work on his topics for his TV show and brainstorm ideas for his business, school, etc. (which, of course, is my gift) but it didn’t matter.  If he chose to bake cookies together, then that’s what we would do.


The bottom line is that you have to live life IN THE MOMENT you are in.  You can’t be IN one moment, yet thinking about another.  It’s not fair to YOU, your clients or the people you love. (I’ve theoretically known this but Sharon Wacks imprinted this in my head several years ago)

With that being said, your brain does NOT have the capacity to PARK all that information all at once, to draw from, at any given notice.  So STOP trying to make it work that way and then beat yourself up for forgetting things and not getting things done.

If you find yourself NOT reaching your goals in your business and any of these things resonate with you, I’d like to offer you a GIFT of a “CATAPULT Your Cash Flow” Session with one of my Master IMPLEMENTATION Coach-sultants.


or call 561-320-1517

How to Find Free Images With Google’s Advanced Image Search


How to Find Free Images With Google’s Advanced Image Search

I found this GREAT article on google for those clients who need images on a regular basis but want to do it with INTEGRITY, the right way…  See below and I hope this helps 🙂


The general rule of thumb in the Internet world is that at least one image should be used to complement every blog post you create. There are several benefits to doing this, with the most important being to capture the attention of many more readers by giving your words a boost with a little visual appeal.

However, this doesn’t mean just importing the first image you come across. It must first, make sense and correlate with what the post is about and second, not infringe on any copyright laws. There can be consequences that go along with this that you won’t want to personally come across. The easiest way to find an acceptable image is to change your Google search settings to filter out anything that could potentially bring you repercussions.

Using images is a great way to enhance your blog post and can help to:

  • Produce a nice thumbnail or featured image
  • Introduce your message
  • Break up your content
  • Encourage social media sharing
  • Support your point
  • Make your blog more memorable
  • Capture emotion
  • Add color to your blog
  • Improve SEO by adding Alt tags and keyword-rich file names

Naturally, bloggers will go straight to Google and grab one of the first images they find in the search to use on their blog. Snagging copyrighted images can get you into a heap of trouble.

It’s no fun receiving one of these threatening letters from the Legal Department at Getty Images demanding nearly $1000 per image.

Follow these simple steps to find royalty free images using the Google Images advanced search.

Step 1

Enter a search term in Google Images search.

Step 2

Click the Gear icon, then select Advanced search.

Step 3

Scroll down and use the usage rights drop down menu to select free to use or share, even commercially.

Step 4

Click the Advanced Search button.

The image search results will provide you with a plethora of images to choose from.

Step 5

Just to be safe, you want to double check that the image is really “free” to use. There are tools, many free, to check usage rights, like the TinEye reverse image search, that can help you locate additional information or creative commons usage.

This step is highly recommend as other webmasters and bloggers could have removed the copyright and metadata from the image and re-uploaded without the owner’s permission.

Get Your IPA On! Shelley Mitchell

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Shelley Mitchell, My Personal Business CoachFrom COMBAT to COSMO to CORPORATE to COACH, Shelley Mitchell, a master at IMPLEMENTATION, is an expert at helping Smart, Driven Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Professionals determine their VISION, create a PLAN, FOCUS and PRIORITIZE, take ACTION and MAKE MORE MONEY to reach their Dreams and Goals!

As the President/CEO of My Personal Business Coach LLC and My Personal ADHD Coach and creator of her wildly popular Signature Program “Get Your IPA On! Stop Making Noise and Start Making Money”, Shelley is also a certified Business and Entrepreneurial Coach, an ADHD Coach, a Nationally-recognized Motivational Speaker and Teacher, and Author of several books such as “Build My List! Build My Business! Build My Bank Account”, “More Ways to Success with ADHD” and the upcoming books “God Didn’t Put Your Here To Be BROKE!” and “How to Get and Keep What You Really, Really Want”

Shelley Mitchell and her coaching company, My Personal Business Coach, offer a variety of ways you can work with them to CATAPULT your business, career and life, from Speaking, Training, Products, Programs, Intensive VIP Days, to her exclusive Gold and Platinum Coaching programs.

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Have you had one of those days where felt like you couldn’t do anything right? (all thanks to my son and Suzanne Evans)

Have you had one of those days where felt like you couldn’t do anything right? (all thanks to my son and Suzanne Evans)
Have you had those day where you feel like YOU CAN’T DO ANYTHING RIGHT and no one seems to be happy with anything you do?  Yup, me too.
And have you ever IMPRESSED YOURSELF (which for me is very difficult to do since I am my WORST CRITIC)  that you had to pinch yourself in amazement?
There’s only 5 days out before my big event, DESTINED! and it’s SURREAL in how I feel about the BIG NAMES and TALENT I’ve single-handedly put together (with a few connections 🙂 to SPEAK and teach the BEST business building tactics and strategies…however,
I’m having a very teary-eyed emotional morning.
After speaking with a dear friend and client, Sharon Wacks, (and I’m also her client now as well) she reminded me of WHERE WE STARTED FROM just a little over 2 years ago when we met.
The day we met was the same day I took my son, kicking and screaming, to a business event just so I could spend quality time with him and stop feeling guilty for not “being there for him”.) 
That weekend changed our lives forever…
My tears today though are NOT from SADNESS but are from GRATITUDE and AWE…
It was not that long ago that I was topped the scales at 262lbs, jobless, lost my big corporate job, lost our home and had a son who was failing school and couldn’t even be treated for his ADHD due his heart condition that resulted in surgery shortly after his dad died!
I dreamt of a day that WE had found our passion, were living our lives within our VALUES, and doing what we LOVE and what we knew God put us here for.  Of course, as a single mom, I was more worried about Caleb “finding HIS way” than anything else.
His ADHD was very different than mine.  His personality was very different than mine – I didn’t know what to do with him or FOR him or how to help him… and I felt like a FAILURE as a MOM! 
Now, in just 5 days from now, one of the biggest dreams I’ve ever had is coming true. 
Caleb and I are sharing the STAGE at our OWN 3-day event and doing it to INSPIRE and serve others…
…(the smart, driven business owners and entrepreneurs who are CREATIVE geniuses and are ready to FIND THEIR FOCUS, make a difference in this world, to take advantage of their PURPOSE & PASSION and create 6figure businesses & beyond (that work with their UNIQUE brain-style) they know they were intended to have – so they have have the FREEDOM to live life!
Even though I have BIG NAMES speaking like Suzanne Evans (multi-million dollar coach), Mara Glazer (GENIUS Marketer), Dr. Yvonne Oswald (Master NLP Practitioner and Teacher), Jessica Brace (Video Marketer and yes, YOUTUBE QUEEN) and so many others,
I’m going to be the MOST PROUD to introduce my son, Caleb Sessions, who is giving his talk on Friday afternoon on
-How To INSPIRE those who are UN-Inspirable-
(or the ones who may be picking your retirement home)
(that’s the way I look at it anyway…  he may call it something else lol)
His “gift” is NOT in Algebra and its definitely NOT in remembering to take out the trash!
His “gift” is bridging the communication gap between parents and teens to have the relationship they don’t even know is possible yet (well, that’s how it started) but as it turns out, it surpasses that in which you will discover next week.
This young man has crawled through the depths of CRAP to pull his life together , author 3 books in 18 months when he couldn’t even pass the SAT writing after 3 tries, host a TV show, lose 50 lbs, and get his $hit together so he could get into college. 
(It was not easy… tutors who specialize in ADHD are not cheap and many of them QUIT without notice!)
He struggles every day with his learning disabilities to STAY in college… but he DOES it.  ON paper, or “based on statistics”, he never should have even GRADUATED HIGH SCHOOL!
And yet he did it and still does it every day with grace while staying TRUE to his values and wanting to serve others, share his message and touch more people.
After becoming an ADHD Coach on top of being a BUSINESS COACH, I worked worked to help him find “systems” that worked with his own unique brain-style to FIND his FOCUS and achieve success…  (the same thing I do with my clients)
So as you can tell, I’m really looking forward to Friday and the entire 3 day business transformation event but even more-so,
I HOPE YOU WILL SHARE IT WITH CALEB and I – but do it FOR YOU – not for me...
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Millionaires Don’t Have ADHD!!! – But what they do have is…

Millionaires Don’t Have ADHD!!! –   But what they do have is…

I’ve reposted this BLOG because I believe the 10 THINGS Millionaires are doing to be successful and make the MONEY they deserve are KEY to all entrepreneurs and business owners success – especially those who struggle with ADD’ish traits.

You may skip to them at the bottom but please note that #6 was “PLAN, PLAN, PLAN! They ALL PLAN!” and #8 was They KNOW THEIR NUMBERS!

Being an entrepreneur/business owner can be TOUGH (especially with the holidays or an unexpected illness) and there are times when you just want to throw in the towel but LIFE IS SO MUCH EASIER when you actually have a PLAN and know what you need to do NEXT – especially on those “tough” days…

2014 has been a very exciting year for me and my company but more importantly, for OUR CLIENTS & their SUCCESSES!  We have more than DOUBLED our income and our clients are MAKING MORE MONEY TOO!

 Would you like to know how we did it?

The secret to creating a business that keeps growing is simple…  WE HAD A PLAN!

We SAVED TIME and a lot of EXPENSE by creating our ROAD MAPS to get us where we needed to be in our businesses.

I’ve been diligent about having a “plan” in place each year and MY current CLIENTS who do this with me last year are realizing they met or EXCEEDED their goals this year! 

Anyone can do this!  Any business, anytime, any place…  with the right tools and support in place!

Having a “Money & Marketing Success Plan” does NOT mean you are now inflexible or that it is written in stone but what it does mean is that

when you HAVE A PLAN, you are 40-70% MORE LIKELY to reach your goals than those who do not…

But I keep hearing the same complaints from people saying WHY THEY DON’T HAVE THEIR 2015… They STRUGGLE with:   

  • Don’t have THE TIME to just do it,

  • I started it but now I’m stuck because ___(fill in the blank)___,

  • There’s too many distractions and I can’t FOCUS,

  • I don’t know HOW or what to put in it

  • Doing it is DRUDGERY or way too BOOOOORING! And even…

  • the events/workshops being offered are TOO FLUFFY and AIRY FAIRY! (and nothing really gets accomplished)…

  WELL,  You are NOT ALONE and I’ve GOT THE FIX to all of these challenges.

CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3oiPmGF3VA4

On January 8th, I will be sharing my SIMPLE PROCESS that I use with my platinum clients in a ONE-DAY, hands-on workshop for you so you can GET YOUR ROAD MAP for 2015! 

Our  “Money & Marketing Success Plan” is like a business plan but WAYYY BETTER!  (and much more fun)

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This is not some fluffy or airy-fairy event nor is it a Vision Board workshop (which I enjoy). 

This is a REAL BUSINESS WORKSHOP with like-minded business owners and entrepreneurs who WANT A ROAD MAP TO FOLLOW FOR 2015 so they can FINALLY REACH THEIR FINANCIAL GOALS… and we still have FUN!

 It doesn’t matter if you are just getting started or already have a have a large business, brick-and-mortar business, a direct sales business, or if you are simply in SALES and you need to project your personal sales and income.  Then you get the SIMPLE way to promote and market your products, packages, services and events.

This is the process that I use for myself and my business every year which I’ll teach you step-by-step.

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If ALL THIS Planning Day DID FOR YOU and your business WAS…

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Business Planning, Money and Marketing Success Planning Day

Millionaires Don’t Have ADHD!

by Shelley Mitchell, My Personal Business Coach

Do you know that you are an expert in your industry but wonder why you are still not making enough money?

Do you feel like you care more about your clients than they do?

Have you spent thousands of dollars and hours on training improving your skills to be a better __________, coach, speaker, author, plumber, real estate agent, etc. etc. etc. but you just can’t seem to get past this REALLY TOUGH PLACE in your business?

Well, you are not alone!

I recently became a part of a yearlong high-level mastermind and coaching group where many of the members are very successful already, many of them are millionaires. While I knew I would “learn a lot” when I was accepted into the group, what I discovered after the first three days SHOCKED ME!

Of course, I learned a lot – and still have a lot to learn. Happily, I also learned that I was already doing many things RIGHT in my business as well.

I would estimate 75% of my group are people who are already making a lot of money (millions) and 100% are very talented and have a lot to contribute to the overall group. What I do know is that most of them became a part of this mastermind and coaching group to become THE BEST in the world at SPEAKING, building partnerships and scaling/growing their business. For the first time in a LONG time, I felt like a very small fish in a large pond! Albeit a little scary at first, I loved every minute of it and soaked it all in like a sponge.

So what did I learn spending my first three days of the next year with an amazing group of uber-successful business owners/entrepreneurs? First, I will start with what THEY WERE NOT…

Millionaires and other Successful Entrepreneurs do NOT have ADHD!

Being a Certified ADHD Coach, I probably have some of my colleagues yelling at my blog right now, so I need to clarify this statement. Sir Richard Branson, Actor/Singer Will Smith, and David Neeleman, Founder of JetBlue Airways are all very SUCCESSFUL entrepreneurs who have been diagnosed with ADHD.

They are all smart, driven, creative, high-energy, passionate VISIONAIRES yet they also HAVE learning disabilities. Many of the people I met in my mastermind FIT their same descriptions and while I’m not a doctor, I would be willing to bet that a high percentage of them could potentially be diagnosed (or at least thought about it) with ADHD.

Their business challenges are the SAME as yours (and mine)… Almost all of them brainstormed on the same topics we do out in the regular business world such as:

  • how do you get hearts in seats and fill events?
  • what’s the best way to build out a digital marketing funnel, sequencing and email marketing campaigns?
  • what are some best practices for the back-end of the business in dealing with employees, independent contractors, and systems?
  • what are the best apps/systems to use and what’s hot right now in technology?
  • how do I get more clients?
  • how do I have a more consistent cash flow?
  • how do you find the RIGHT people for my team?

So what’s the difference between THEM (the SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEURS and the MILLIONAIRES) versus those of us who have STRUGGLED in our businesses and wondered every Monday morning if we can ACTUALLY pull this off?

Here’s what I CLEARLY saw what SEPARATES the SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEURS from the Stressed-Out Overwhelmed ENTREPRENEURS –

1. They do not make EXCUSES!

Diagnosed with ADHD, have learning disabilities, unsupportive spouse or unhappy home life, weak team members, or struggle with time management issues? It does not matter! They found ways around their challenges and are relentless about getting their needs met by finding the RIGHT support (people) and SYSTEMS to incorporate into their lives and businesses that WORKED for them to ensure their success.

2. NO FEAR! They check their fear at the front door; not the front door of the mastermind but the front door of their life!

In a private conversation, one guy shared he had built 5 (yes, FIVE) multi-million dollar businesses during his lifetime, starting straight out of college because he “knew he couldn’t work for someone else”. He said he never let fear get in the way of making sound decisions, and he saw it happen time and time again with so many people.

3. STRENGTHS are #1! They know what they are good at!

They know this so well that they just do it over and again; day in and day out… Again, they then find the RIGHT support (people) and SYSTEMS to incorporate into their lives and businesses that WORKED for them to ensure their success.


As stated in #3, they know their strengths. They are also clear on what their gifts are NOT so rather than exhaust their energy in trying to “fix it”, they build their CONFIDENCE from their strengths and as we all know, MONEY is attracted to CONFIDENCE.


I know this sounds cliche, and many of us spend a lot of money and time on studying how to have and how to practice having an “abundant mindset”. Well, millionaires JUST HAVE IT! I even asked a friend of mine “what if you lose a million dollars? doesn’t that scare you?”. He said “so what… I know how to make it back and I will, Shit happens but if I have the right plan, make the right decisions, take the right actions and have the right support systems, the odds are in my favor every single time.”
I would say that he definitely has FAITH that his cup runneth over; even if he hits a bump in the road.


They do Business Plans annually, personal PLANS, Quarterly Business Plans and Updates, they also PLAN WEEKLY and PLAN DAILY! One man who runs a company that has over 1,000 Coaches throughout the country recommended to me to do what he does which is to lock myself up in a really nice hotel for several days and FOCUS on planning for the entire year. Set the time aside and just do it – without the distractions… I say YES to that one! Successful entrepreneurs HAVE A PLAN, and they TRACK AND MEASURE their results!

JOIN ME LIVE in person or Live VIRTUAL for our Money & Marketing Success PLANNING DAY!  click here for more info

7. TARGET MARKET! Every single millionaire which I met is VERY VERY CLEAR on their TARGET MARKET,

and they have it narrowed down to the smallest detail. It was even suggested to me that once I got ever MORE clear on my target market that any feelings of “stuck” would go away. Note: Being clear on their target market also includes being very knowledgeable on their ideal customers language regarding their pains/challenges and what they really want as well.


Now, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist or math genius to know your numbers but what successful entrepreneurs do know are things like clicks, open rates, conversion ratios, cost per lead, cost per client, and even more simply, how many people do they need to talk to before someone becomes a customer… They track and MEASURE everything that is important and are always looking for ways to tweak what they are doing to make it even better.

9. Always thinking of SCALABILITY!

So many of the first eight things I’ve mentioned didn’t surprise me much, but this one really made a light bulb go off in my head. For the first two years of my business, I just WORKED and did everything I could do to get clients, help clients, and grow and build my business. What I did not do was to DOCUMENT my processes and MAKE DECISIONS BASED ON HOW it was going to affect my team of people or my large company. Seriously??? It was just me. I was the TEAM for goodness sakes! Moreover, what large company? I just needed to pay the rent!

Well, that way of thinking is definitely what has held me from growing faster than I have. As I started building a team and growing my company, I had to start many things from scratch.

We all have BRILLIANT IDEAS. Some of us have them DAILY. Millionaires ask, ” HOW IS THAT SCALABLE” before acting so quickly on it. My thought process will never be the same since that AHA hit me in the head.

10. FINALLY, the BIG ONE! I noticed that the REALLY SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEURS are actually operating at a different level of consciousness.

They are very SPIRITUAL beings… but don’t preach to everyone else or try to convert others to his or her beliefs. They are very involved in HEALTHY LIVING through fitness, meditation, clean eating, (many often eating vegan and organic) but also not announcing it to the world or taking such a PUBLIC STAND about it. Also, they are very humane and compassionate individuals who truly care about helping others, spreading their message and making a BIG DIFFERENCE in the world.

“Wow, just like ME,” I thought to myself. The only difference is, as one pointed out to me, is that you have to put your own oxygen mask on first. You cannot help the world if you cannot help yourself. You cannot save the world or make a difference in other people lives if you are not doing it for yourself as well.

Successful entrepreneurs also don’t buy into peoples b.s. excuses, negative mindsets, lack of planning, or focusing on what’s broken. They just keep on going and are touching thousands of others along the way in a positive, abundant manner, leaving their mark and contribution in the world.

Business Planning, Money and Marketing Success Planning Day

Business Planning, Money and Marketing Success Planning Day

About Shelley:  Motivational Speaker, Author, Business Coach, Single Mom

Shelley Mitchell, My Personal Business CoachFrom COMBAT to COSMO to CORPORATE to COACH, Shelley Mitchell, a master at IMPLEMENTATION, is an expert at helping Smart, Driven Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Professionals determine their VISION, create a PLAN, FOCUS and PRIORITIZE, take ACTION and MAKE MORE MONEY to reach their Dreams and Goals!

As the President/CEO of My Personal Business Coach LLC and My Personal ADHD Coach and creator of her wildly popular Signature Program “Get Your IPA On! Stop Making Noise and Start Making Money”, Shelley is also a certified Business and Entrepreneurial Coach, an ADHD Coach, a Nationally-recognized Motivational Speaker and Teacher, and Author of several books such as “Build My List! Build My Business! Build My Bank Account”, “More Ways to Success with ADHD” and the upcoming books “God Didn’t Put Your Here To Be BROKE!” and “How to Get and Keep What You Really, Really Want”

Shelley Mitchell and her coaching company, My Personal Business Coach, offer a variety of ways you can work with them to CATAPULT your business, career and life, from Speaking, Training, Products, Programs, Intensive VIP Days, to her exclusive Gold and Platinum Coaching programs.

To have Shelley Mitchell SPEAK at your event or organization or If you’d like to find out just HOW you can CATAPULT your business, career and life to the next level, grab your FREE Weekly & Daily SUCCESS PLANNER at http://www.MyPersonalBusinessCoach.com and also contact them for your rapid-fire, laser focused Business Breakthrough Strategy Session by clicking here. They can also be reached by email at support@mypersonalbusinesscoach.com or by phone at 561.320.1517

Question of the Week: Autism and Schools (5 year old son)


By Shelley Mitchell, CPM, CAPS, CAM, HCCP, COS, MORS

(*Author of the forthcoming book series “How To Get & keep What You Really, Really Want – Using SMART Goals to get UNSTRESSED and OUT of OVERWHELM”)

While I am a Business Coach who specializes in ADHD/ADD and do not typically work with clients who have autism, I am privy to other coaches who specialize in this area.  We received the following question and I wanted to share the information with those who may need it.  Please note it pertains to a client in Australia but many of the suggestions are definitely a crossover.

Q:  I have a 5 year old son who has been diagnosed with Autism. The Education Department in our area has a zero tolerance policy towards “violence” towards teachers, and their policy is to call parents to retrieve their children if they get physical. I have worked hard with my coach to educate the school on this matter. We have given them strategies to de-escalate his behaviors, and requested that he be calmed at the school rather than be sent home – which is actually a reward for him.  Things have gone a lot better of late. However, he is about to transition from pre-school to full day and she is concerned that his “problem” behaviors will escalate.  Do you have any additional resources I can check out to support my education of the schools?

A:  Local Autism Group and their advice line link



Human Rights

Article about Ed placement in Australia

Blurb about Australia’s system for Autism

If you’d like to discover the many possibilities of some small steps with BIG IMPACT you can roll into your business and personal life today, My Personal Business Coach can help.  We help Smart, Driven, Entrepreneurs to simplify their lives, get UNSTRESSED and OUT of OVERWHELM so they can make more money and start running their business rather than their business running them.

Reach your DREAMS and GOALS – contact My Personal Business Coach in order to set up a complimentary strategy session at http://www.mypersonalbusinesscoach.com/ConsultationRequest.en.html

If you have any questions you’d like to ask and would like us to share answers on the blog, please contact us atwww.MyPersonalBusinessCoach.com or on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/MyPersonalBusinessCoach

What is ADHD/ADD Coaching?

What is ADHD/ADD Coaching?

What is ADHD Coaching?

By Shelley Mitchell, CPM, CAPS, CAM, HCCP, COS, MORS

(*Author of the forthcoming book series “How To Get & keep What You Really, Really Want – Using SMART Goals to get UNSTRESSED and OUT of OVERWHELM”)

 Many of you know I’ve been a Business Coach for many years but what you may not know is that I’m also a graduate of ADDCA and specialize in helping entrepreneurs who have ADHD and also helping those who don’t have ADHD but just want to work through just one or some key challenges which cause stress and overwhelm such as:

  • Procrastination
  • Time Management
  • Planning
  • Prioritizing
  • Scheduling,
  • Goal Setting,
  • Building Confidence,
  • Organizing,
  • Focusing, and
  • Persistence

Sometimes people just need help in “sticking to a plan” or even just “coming up with a plan”.  However, everyone can use an accountability partner to keep us headed in the right direction to ensure we accomplish what we set out to do and getting what you really, really want.  The below information is directly from ADDCA.  If you would like to find out how you can get UNSTRESSED and OUT of OVERWHELM, contact me for a free 20 minute strategy sessions. You will be glad you did.  www.MyPersonalBusinessCoach.com

How ADD Coaching Works

* Helps clients identify their positive ADHD characteristics and to appreciate their strengths.
* Improve client’s understanding of ADHD related to their learning styles & personal challenges.
* Nurtures personal awareness and responsibility and encourages the client to look for options that lead to progress and success.
* Guides the client into actions that (re)build self-esteem, self-awareness and self- regulation.
* Focuses on the client’s executive functioning skills (i.e., planning, prioritizing & analyzing) to create customized systems that will improve the client’s consistency & effectiveness.
* Offers a safe environment for clients who need to let go of their isolation & helps them form a nurturing connection with another person.
* Provides consistent accountability & encourages the client to move beyond thinking into appropriate action.
* Helps clients learn to advocate & speak out for their own needs, questions & boundaries.
ADD coaching builds hope by educating clients about ADHD. It is instrumental in assisting individuals in developing systems & strategies that can be used to effectively manage their specific ADHD challenges, which in turn dramatically improves their quality of life.

This section is excerpted from: “Life Coaching for Adult ADHD” by Nancy Ratey, Ed.M, ABDA, MCC in Clinical Interventions for Adult ADHD: A Comprehensive Approach. edited by Sam Goldstein, PhD and Phyllis Ann Teeter, Academic Press, 2002

Neuropsychological research tells us that the brain is flexible in its ability to learn continuously. Physical and chemical changes occur in the brain when it is challenged or when new learning takes place. Rehearsing actions helps forge new neural pathways in the brain, allowing it to develop new competencies in areas that have been deficient. This is how new habits are learned. Coaching paves the pathway for this learning to occur.

Coaching intervention can make a real difference in how people with ADD negotiate
their own particular deficits and cope with life on a daily basis. There are five major deficit areas that can be seen playing out in the lives of persons with ADD. The following is a discussion of these areas, and how the coaching relationship can offer successful compensatory strategies.

1. Coaching maintains mental arousal and focus on completing goals.
If attention is under-aroused, chances are motivation will lag also, and vice versa. For instance, people with ADD often have a hard time pursuing abstract goals. Coaches seek to bring the more abstract goals to the forefront of their clients’ minds, keeping attention aroused to work on the goal and stay focused until it’s completed.
The coaching partnership provides a “shared awareness”, or mutual consciousness, of goals and their associated challenges so as to sustain the ADD client’s vigilance towards an identified goal. The coach works with the client to create deadlines, schedules, meetings and regular phone check-ins around reaching goals. This induces a certain level of “good stress” on clients, keeping their brain aroused, vigilant, and on track to reach stated goals.

2. Coaching helps modulate emotions.
Shame, guilt and fear are demons plaguing many people with ADD. Years of being labeled “stupid”, “ditzy” or “irresponsible” create an emotional burden that can derail their actions, throw them off course or even paralyze them. A coach helps clients learn how to identify bad feelings and their triggers, and explores effective ways to modulate emotional responses. Instead of blaming themselves when ADD gets in their way, clients can think: “Wait a minute! I know this is my ADD at work, and I know I have ways to get around it now.” By isolating the behavior from the emotion, the behavior can be broken down into parts to take the mystery out of it, giving clients an opportunity to think up strategies to contain and change the behavior.

3. Coaching maintains motivation and sustains the feeling of reward. Motivation is often questioned in people with ADD. Although clients may have developed the tools to sustain attention to tasks, they may still lack motivation. By reminding clients of their top priorities and of all the gains they have made, the coach provides encouragement. Self-confidence is bolstered. The client may under-function in certain situations, especially when it comes to prioritizing, planning, attending to details and following through with projects. In other instances, the client may become overwhelmed with a project, and not knowing where to start, may avoid the task. By breaking large projects down into smaller, more manageable tasks, coaches keep clients more focused on their goals. Other clients might need help in discovering a system of tangent rewards so as to sustain motivation and progress forward.

4. Coaching acts as the “Executive Secretary of Attention”.
Clients with ADD are challenged in their ability to “gross prioritize” – to gather and
focus their attention in a more global way. By keeping the big picture in mind, the coach helps the client to sustain their attention on their primary goals, pointing out distractions and helping to create strategies when distractions do arise.

5. Coaching supports the client’s ability to self-direct actions and to change behavior. In order to function autonomously, individuals must be able to screen out distractions, sustain their attention and use feedback appropriately. Attentional arousal is a double-edged sword for people with ADD. While it is usually the case that their attention needs to be aroused in order to attack certain tasks, it is also true that if their attention is too aroused they can find themselves becoming “over-focused” and getting stuck in a particular activity or step of a task at the cost of everything else. Just as they can be sidetracked by pleasurable feedback, clients can also be sidetracked by negative feedback such as those “voices in the head” that continually remind one of one’s inadequacies. Clients with ADD are also very adept at self-deception and forgetting the pain of past procrastination and other self-defeating behaviors.

The coach compensates for these deficits by providing daily reminders and helping the client sequence out the details of needed actions. By pressing clients to process and evaluate outcomes and consequences, the coach allows clients to develop the ability to make more proactive choices and be less reactive to the environment. Coaches also help clients develop the ability to estimate the time it takes to complete tasks by having on- going discussions, reviewing plans for timelines and processing out the details and sequences of tasks. The coach helps clients to, in effect, observe themselves in action, by processing out events, asking questions and providing feedback.


If you’d like to implement this or discover many other possibilities of some small steps with BIG IMPACT you can roll into your business today, My Personal Business Coach can help.  We help Smart, Driven, Entrepreneurs to simplify their lives, get UNSTRESSED and OUT of OVERWHELM so they can make more money and start running their business rather than their business running them.


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The Top 9 Reasons You Should Use P.O.’s In Your Business… (even if you are a small business with only one employee, YOU.)


By Shelley Mitchell, CPM, CAPS, CAM, HCCP, COS, MORS

(*Author of the forthcoming book series “How To Get & keep What You Really, Really Want – Using SMART Goals to get UNSTRESSED and OUT of OVERWHELM”)

Most people who are in business, whether they are owners or managers, pretty much know what a Purchase Order (P.O.) is and why it’s useful but many do not use them.  So why do so many people forgo using this great tool?  Some think they aren’t a large enough company and it wouldn’t be impactful, some may think it’s just an extra step and they just don’t have the time, and some truly don’t know how to do it or to do it effectively.  However, a large percentage of businesses are not using P.O.’s or their employees aren’t using it properly because they simply don’t know WIIFM (What’s In It For Me).  They haven’t bought into the program or the concept so they never get around to making it a priority in their businesses.


The definition of a purchase order (P.O.) is “a written authorization for a supplier to ship or provide goods or services for a specified price.” Zzzz, borrrring….  I can see all of you rushing out now to change your businesses over to that exciting system. Larger organizations use them because they understand what all of the benefits are but what happens is that they may not explain those reasons to their employees, the people responsible for completing and managing them, on WHAT the benefits are and how it benefits them.  Small businesses and solopreneurs seldom use them because they may think it’s a tedious process or again, don’t understand how much it can benefit them. The level of complexity for purchase orders varies but most contain a brief product description, the quantity ordered and the price and there a way to make it simple in your business hence causing you to have a more organized and profitable business without a lot of additional effort on your part.  Bottom line:  Wouldn’t you want to know what you are spending, never get overcharged, know what you have and simply MAKE MORE MONEY in your business?  SURE YOU DO!  That’s sounds like less Stress, Less Overwhelm and better Balance to me, all the way around.

So WIIFM, let’s look at What’s In It For You?  First, the top 9 Benefits of have a PO system (even a SIMPLE one) are:

  1. It’s a simple tool for you to better manage your business AND your bottom line; who wouldn’t want that?
  2. Helps increase profitability, (helloooooo, can you say $$$$ in your pocket!)
  3. Reduces the possibility of internal fraud  – such as employees ordering goods or services and then those items disappearing or never ending up in the place they were intended to be
  4. Reduces the possibility of external FRAUD or errors on the vendor’s part  – I wish I could remember to check every single receipt and invoice but the fact of the matter is we simply have too many things to do on a daily basis to be able to MEMORIZE each thing you ordered and what the exact price was, right?
  5. Provides us better management information and tracking.  Your accountant will love you for this when you do your quarterlies or when tax time comes around.
  6. Makes it possible and much easier to know the current position on any inventory on order so unless you are taking inventory in your businesses every single day, which is practically impossible, this is very important.
  7. Prevents “poor use of cash” as it’s quite possible two different people may order the same part or service unnecessarily.  Happens all the time… Even at home, how many times did you end of with two jars of mustard or peanut butter because he went shopping last week and you went shopping this week?   And that’s just peanut butter…
  8. Prevents you from paying the wrong amount which can really ADD UP.  Intentionally or even in human error, you could receive a bill for a service or an order which is incorrect. Hey, it happens every day when we are out shopping in retail stores or having dinner so why would we think it doesn’t happen in our businesses?  It’s almost impossible to check every single invoice to ensure its correct; unless of course you have a Mensa rated I.Q. and a photographic memory.  Most people can’t possibly remember everything and those who are right-brained Entrepreneurs and those who have ADHD traits have a difficulty with short term memory as it is.  Ordering a product or service does not usually cause your brain to kick into overdrive so this would definitely fall into that category.  Therefore, it is likely that any errors made on invoices by suppliers will be overlooked and then simply paid by whoever is cutting the check.
  9. Builds rapport and forms better relationships with your vendors and they are being held accountable as well and dealing with an organized customer; YOU.  If the only invoices paid by you to a supplier must be supported by a purchase order, they will soon get the idea and start doing what we expect from them.  This is not to knock our vendors but they are human just like we are.  In the long run, you end up with a mutually beneficial relationship of trust and respect which can last for many years.


So now that you see there are tons of benefits for you personally and for your business, why not give it try?  No need for a swanky system, this doesn’t need to be HARD, difficult or tedious.  You can make this as simple as possible for you and your business.


If you’d like to implement this or discover many other possibilities of some small steps with BIG IMPACT you can roll into your business today, My Personal Business Coach can help.  We help Smart, Driven, Entrepreneurs to simplify their lives, get UNSTRESSED and OUT of OVERWHELM so they can make more money and start running their business rather than their business running them.


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Support Our Veterans and PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS at the same time – November 11th is Veterans Day!


Hi Friends

Veterans Day is November 11th and is coming up quickly. I recently received and email from the Department of the Veterans Affairs which made me remember that we, including me, should be doing something special for our Veterans. I’ve also noticed there are a LOT of discounts and specials being offered for Veterans Day, not just at the VA but stores, restaurants and so on. Some of you may know that I am a disabled Veteran myself with 2 combat patches so I really and truly appreciate companies and businesses and really want to give them my business when I see this type of stuff. I will most likely visit one or two of these businesses on Veterans Day and take them up on their offers, in turn, spending money with their business.

We need to be part of this…..

If you are marketing or catering to veterans, I would definitely get on this boat. If you are not, then I would get on this boat anyway especially for Veterans Day for a multitude of reasons.
1. It shows you are a compassionate and caring business owners who appreciates what our country and our citizens stand for
2. You can use this to reach out to your current customer
3. You can use this to reach new and prospective customers who wouldn’t otherwise notice you
4. It brings awareness to your brand and your business and can increase sales short term and long term

Some ideas would be to:
• Have an open house (and advertise in all of your current advertising sources)
• Have some special red and blue drinks available (punch for example) and have some patriotic cupcakes
• advertise with your outreach flyers to other local businesses, in craigslist and also include blurbs on your current advertising your are doing online
• Send special Thank You Cards or emails to your current or past customers for their service and offer something special
• Maybe have free pizza or hot dogs for Veterans (tell your pizza vendor what you are doing and maybe they will donate if you mention them or give you a discount)
• Have Veterans Day specials! Special Discount, a GWP or even just a free gift for visiting your business
• Decorate your office/business in the most patriotic way. If your are out and about, wear something patriotic while visiting customers
• Ask veterans to come in for coffee and muffins during a certain time just so you can simply thank them and appreciate them for their service,
• get some of the small American flags to pass out
• check out these cute American flag gifts at My Girlfriends house . com (you don’t need a lot, pool your resources)
• Post your event on your craigslist ads
• Run a Referral Special and offer and extra incentive to refer a Veteran
• Post your event on your facebook page and personal page, tweet it, Pin It, Linked In it…….. you know the drill.
• Create an Event on Facebook and share with your friends (and ask them to share with their friends)

These are just some cute ideas but would love for you to share yours with us. You can do this to market to new customers/clients and make your current customers/clients feel appreciated and show how much you care about our Veterans. They definitely deserve all of the appreciation they can get

You will have to put together an Action Plan to make this work for you but it’s a simple idea which can help you in your business. (I’m happy to offer my services to help, FREE to Veteran’s of course 🙂

Go to our site to sign up for a COMPLIMENTARY 20-minute Strategy Session with me to find out how to get Un-Stressed and OUT of Overwhelm so you can…
• get crystal clear on your personal and business GOALS,
• have laser-focus on growing your businesses and relationships, and
• to create a better BALANCE between your business and personal life in order to reach your DREAMS and GOALS.


by: Shelley Mitchell, CPM, CAPS, CAM, HCCP, MORS, COS
(Author of the forthcoming book series “How To Get & keep What You Really, Really Want – Using SMART Goals to get UNSTRESSED and OUT of OVERWHELM”)

***ALSO SPECIALIZE IN ADHD/ADD COACHING**** http://www.MyPersonalBusinessCoach.com