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The REAL Reasons we get DISTRACTED & the Proven Ways to GET FOCUSED! by Shelley Mitchell

The REAL Reasons we get DISTRACTED & the Proven Ways to GET FOCUSED! by Shelley Mitchell

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WHAT keeps stopping you, slowing you down on getting in your way of HAVING what you really want?

(ADHD or not… the answer is usually the same)
I ask this question of my potential clients who come to me because they are ready to move to the next level in their business.
It’s also the same questions I ask my current clients who gets stuck.
We ALL Get STUCK from time to time but do want to know what the #1 answer is I hear from 99% of folks?
“I can’t stay FOCUSED” – OR – “I keep getting DISTRACTED”…
DISTRACTIONS or “not being able to FOCUS” is the number #1 KILLER of our success!  (in our business, our lives, our health, our relationships, our careers and the list goes on!)
So my blog this week is about…

The REAL Reasons we get DISTRACTED & the Proven Ways to GET FOCUSED!

First of all, we may not realize this but FOCUS is a limited resource.

YUP!  We keep trying to find “more” FOCUS when we have used it all up on something else.

Knowing that it’s limited, you have to CHOOSE what you want to use it for.

Here are some causes of “DISTRACTIONS” which cause us to use up our FOCUS resource and have nothing left for what we thought we wanted it for.

1.  You are using up your FOCUS on the wrong things – 

According to Psychology Today, “Every time you focus your attention you use a measurable amount of glucose and other metabolic resources. Studies show that each task you do tends to make you less effective at the next task, and this is especially true for high-energy tasks like self control or decision making so distractions really take their toll.”

FIX – “Know” that your FOCUS is limited and actually make conscious choices to how you want to use it. A daily plan could act like a checkbook register for how you want to spend your FOCUS.

2.  It might not be IN YOU to actually get it done – 

Another conversation I have a lot, including when I’m talking to my son which he working 6 days a week at his intensive summer sales job is about trying to force yourself to do something that really isn’t IN YOU to do…

 If something is not in line with your internal values (and you may not even know what those are) then no matter how hard you try to do something,

SOMETHING ELSE will always seem to get in the way.

So while you are beating yourself up over and over again for “not getting something done”, the truth is… that your values are talking to your brain and preventing you from doing it.

And now you are exhausted and feel worthless and wonder “why can’t I just get that done?”.

FIX – I suggest you get in tune with what those values are and create your to-do list from things that will SUPPORT what you truly want to accomplish and not what you THINK you SHOULD BE doing. A “Values” test through a coach or the “The Passion Test” which we do for our Get Your IPA On clients is a great resource.

3.  “Winging It” is NOT a Plan – 

We get up, have an idea of what needs to happen, make the coffee, start getting ready for the day and you head to the office (in home or out) and 3 hours surprisingly pass and you have NO IDEA what happened. You were working, you were busy and you knew there was something you NEEDED to do because you couldn’t sleep the night before thinking about it. But something else happened, something went wrong, someone had a problem for you to solve, the traffic was bad or the dog got sick, who knows….

If you aren’t planning out your day, IN WRITING, and the things you are planning are not in line with your biggest priorities and your values, it really isn’t going to get done unless you just happen to get lucky.

FIX – Have a DAILY plan, a weekly plan and an overall VISION/MISSION for your life and business at a minimum. We focus on 30 days and 90 days at a time with our clients at My Personal Business Coach because we are working on adding an extra 6 figures to our business each year.

Your Daily Plan should have specific STEPS that are moving your vision/mission and GOALS forward and they should be quantifiable. (you should be able to “measure” them.)

4.  It’s Not In the Calendar – 

I created the Daily Success Planner after having thousands of people love the Weekly Success Planner. I’m a master at getting things done… but only when it’s IN MY PLANNER.

When I started working with my Health Coach, I agreed to drink a greenie each day. But each time I met with her, I had accomplished a LOT each week but that was the one thing that never happened. SOMETHING always got in the way. We were both stumped!

She called me one day and very loudly said “I figured it out!”. You are NOT drinking your greenies because there’s no place in your new Daily Success Planner for this. She said she “knew that I didn’t do anything unless it was in my planner”…  We discovered that I had incorporated the self-care piece in my Weekly Success Planner but didn’t carry it over to the Daily Planner.

SO, as you will see, PRIORITY #2 is now “ZEN” which is the place I put that one simple thing I can do for myself each day.

FIX – If it’s not worth tracking, it’s not worth doing. SCHEDULE what is important to you and hold that appointment with yourself. Give it the importance it deserves.

5.  The Oreo’s Have Voices! – 

One of my philosophies on how help our clients is to use the “OREOS IN THE PANTRY” method. That’s how I explain to my clients about what I do to help them. ELIMINATING the distractions are important. No one has the perfect willpower, 100% of the time.

If I was a health coach and we were cutting out sugar, we would throw the oreos OUT because we all know that they start calling our name from the pantry in the middle of the night.

I help my clients determine what the “oreos” are in their business and their life that are preventing them from accomplishing things that move their business forward.

FIX – You have to ask yourself the question “what got in my way this time?” and really think about it. Figure out what your “oreos” are and then throw them out, or give them away to someone really skinny 🙂


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Shelley Mitchell - My Personal Business Coach

FACT!  Only 22% of high school students with ADHD/ADD go on to college

FACT!  As little as 5% of college students with ADHD/ADD actually graduate from college

FACT!  I want to CHANGE these facts and need your help!

Not only am I a Business Coach who has a specialty working with Entrepreneurs and people with ADHD, I’m also a parent of a high school student with ADD.  While I’m not taking on individual students as clients, I do have open spots in my practice for Parents who want to either improve their own knowledge and skills or need a coach to work with both parents and students together

FACT!  Statistics are MEANT to be CHALLENGED and CHANGED! 

I also have ADHD/ADD and wasn’t diagnosed until I was 39 years old.  While it was a struggle to get into college, and I went to few, and while it took me…

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