Take this Quick SELF-TEST to see if you are SPEAKING your way OUT of getting new clients/customers!

Take this Quick SELF-TEST to see if you are SPEAKING your way OUT of getting new clients/customers!

Why Do We Keep Playing So Small?

What would it be like if you could DISCOVER the secrets of SPEAKING, Sponsoring & even Networking… to turn your prospects INTO New Clients? (even when you aren’t selling anything!)

It’s Happening This FRIDAY! and This is your LAST CHANCE for Early Bird at Only $37 which goes up to $97 very soon!

If you attended one of my recent events (and/or webinars) since getting certified with the Speaking Empire and/or have seen the closing ratios SKYROCKET or attended our mini-Speak – Sell – Serve and had big success then you “ain’t seen nothin’ yet”!

You Can’t Miss This! Speak-Sell-Serve, LIVE!

Look! You and I BOTH KNOW that you were blessed with a GIFT! – a passion, a purpose, a strength… and YOU KNOW you are supposed to be sharing it with the world! – so why are you still playing so small? (CLICK HERE FOR MORE BLOG)

Isn’t it time you started making MORE MONEY with your gift and passion? – so you can TOUCH more people?

There is a BIG FAT DIFFERENCE between Speaking “Well” and Speaking to SELL! (and only one will add to your bank account)…

Ask Nina Obier! She sold out her program in 14 hours when I changed her talk a couple weeks ago… (her content stayed the same)

Ask Tracy Sherman! She’s already a great speaker and she almost left all of her sponsorship dollars on the table (like MOST people do and I USED to do!) until we showed her HOW to CAPTURE the LEADS at the event she spoke at and sponsored a table.

Most people leave EMPTY-HANDED at other peoples events but I showed her exactly what to do and VOILA! She has more leads than she can keep up with!

And ask the other ladies all in this photo!

Sandy Seiler had her FIRST Keynote Speech 2 months ago and took home LEADS from the entire room!

And Vicki Curfman just started her Coaching Business and has started her own Networking Group and has grown her list by over 500 since then PLUS she sold 3 packages her very first night out of the gate!

They are All EXPERTS in their field – they simply needed to know HOW to CONVERT… and then IMPLEMENT what I taught them…


Great Job Nina, Tracy, Sandy and Vicki!

I don’t know how NICELY or MILDLY you want me to be in this email to you?


That’s Plain and SIMPLE and DIRECT!

There are 2! Boca Raton is This Friday 2/6 and St Pete/Tampa is on Saturday 2/21!

You will learn HOW to make MORE MONEY right away! (with speaking, sponsorships, networking and your entire marketing message! )

Plus, any of that FEAR you have in talking to people or large groups….. you know what I’m talking about…. well, GONE!

The Drill Sargent will REMOVE it quickly and guess what? YOU WILL HAVE FUN!

Did you see the LINE UP for the Expert Panel I put together for you? http://www.speaksellservelive.com

Jessica Brace! The Queen of YouTube! (she has her own video marketing company AND she works directly with TONY ROBBINS) and there’s are OTHERS….. go check it out.

and I have a SPECIAL TREAT! Dustin Matthews with the Speaking Empire WILL be attending our Event in St Pete! woohoo!

Dustin is one of MY personal coaches who has generated over $11 million dollars in internet sales for his product launch clients and is one of the most highly sought after product launch experts. He has won multiple internet marketing awards including with infusionsoft, he took ForeclosuresDaily to #35 on the Fortune 500 list and currently is the CEO of a 7 figure business… and I believe that was all before he was even 30 years old! (I could be wrong but I’d be CLOSE) As you can imagine, when he tells me to jump, I ask HOW HIGH…

If you haven’t already registered for Speak – Sell – Serve, note that…

Hurry, Early Bird is ONLY $37 and is going UP to $97 in just a couple of days!

So please REGISTER TODAY to reserve your spot NOW!

Also, as a reminder, LUNCH is INCLUDED with the VIP Upgrade this time – just an fyi)

We have taken this to a whole NEW LEVEL! It’s bigger, livelier, new up-to-the-minute training, more lights/ whistles/ music, CONTESTS amongst teams, and includes an Expert Celebrity Panel who together has worked with THOUSANDS of business owners who Speak, Sell and Serve!

CONSIDER The VIP Experience! It’s only $40 more… and The VIP experience includes:

Buffet Lunch is INCLUDED (in Boca)
Early ACCESS to Pick Your Seats and Special Preferred VIP Seating!
Free Gen. Adm. TICKET to Bring a Friend For FREE!
Exclusive VIP Swag Bag – Valued at over $1,000.00 (massage by Z, Facial By Carol Wilkinson, Jessica Brace’s Brand New BOOK re: YouTube! and much more!)
Private Access to Our VIP After-Hours COCKTAIL PARTY and High-Level Networking Event
Online Videos and Training for our “How To Create A Sales Page” program!
Templates, Tools and Checklists on HOW TO MAKE MONEY with EXPOS and TRADE SHOWS!

The entire package is valued over $1,400.00 for only $40 more…

Register now here: http://www.speaksellservelive.com

See you there! (and wear comfortable shoes! We are going to Kick-Butt!)



P.S. Early Bird is ending very soon so REGISTER TODAY and get your g.a. ticket for only $37 instead of $97!

So CLAIM YOUR TICKET to Speak – Sell – Serve, LIVE! by clicking here!

Shelley Mitchell - My Personal Business Coach

Are you speaking your way OUT of getting new clients?  Take the quick SELF-TEST to find out! Are you speaking your way OUT of getting new clients? Take the quick SELF-TEST to find out!

Are you ready to finally MAKE MONEY; really make money in your business?  (read blog below and take the Quick SELF TEST)

Being able to SPEAK, SELL and SERVE are the CORNERSTONES of making money in your business!



 We are FILLING UP Fast! & Get our Early Bird Price for just $37!

(Boca Raton 2/6 & St Pete/Tampa 2/21)

 It’s the MOST FUN you will have in your business day in 1 day learning how to SPEAK, how to SELL and how to SERVE – and MAKE MORE MONEY!

(see VIDEO at the bottom of this page)

BLOG – Self-Test

Do you speak to potential clients at a networking group, have a sales conversation…

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