I Was MISJUDGED!………………. & The 4 Judgements You are Making That Are Causing You to Lose Clients! Stop ASSUMING and Start Being Real!



Have you ever been “judged” or misjudged UNFAIRLY?

I looked up the definition of what this meant, and it was really clear

past tense: misjudged; past participle: misjudged
form a wrong opinion or conclusion about.
o   make an incorrect estimation or assessment of.
synonyms:   get the wrong idea about, get wrong, judge incorrectly, estimate wrongly, be wrong about, miscalculate, misread

I volunteered to help a friend once even though it put me into a situation where I had to temporarily supervise someone else who I was aware they struggled with decision-making or having good judgment in business.   During a high pressure situation where something needed to be fixed right away, I was overheard having an “intense” conversation with this person and unfortunately, was misjudged by someone who didn’t even know me for being “short” , “intense”, or “rude”. It’s interesting how one moment can destroy a thousand good ones simply because people don’t take the time to understand “the whole picture”.

What they didn’t know was that I was volunteering to help a friend, someone I cared deeply for and was protecting the interest of my friend and of the person who overheard me. They also didn’t know that the person I was “short” with was actually someone who I previously worked with and I had ended the relationship in the past for the exact same issues regarding their judgment/decision-making (and not a personal level). What is MOST UNFORTUNATE is that the person mis-judging me used a “moment” as an excuse not to move forward with making their own changes – completely unrelated to me or even the person I was having a conversation with… and sadly, they missed out on taking advantage on something extremely valuable that would benefit their life tremendously as a whole. This misjudgment was costly to many people.

We ALL JUDGE others based on the LIMITED facts we “think” we have… but my purpose of today is to show you that we are MISJUDGING OUR POTENTIAL CLIENTS and are not growing our businesses for this very reason.

Because we are experts in our field, we THINK we know what our clients WANT when in fact, we don’t. Our marketing language is NOT attracting our ideal clients because we are trying to give them what they NEED versus what they really WANT.

MISJUDGEMENT can COST YOU your integrity; it can cost your relationships, and it can even cost you BIG BUCKS in business!  

If you have ever been mis-JUDGED then you know what I’m talking about but let us take this to another level and consider HOW we are JUDGING OTHER PEOPLE…

You may have even heard the story of our judgment and perception. I read this story YEARS ago, it has stayed with me forever…and totally changed my viewpoint on many things. I try to remind myself of this when I get in a nitpicky place.

Steven Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People tells in his first chapter, the story of when he rode the New York subway. A man and his children boarded the quiet car and immediately the children started running, shouting and grabbing the passengers’ possessions. The man, however, sat with his eyes closed ignoring his children. He became irritated and asked the father to control his children’s behavior. The man revealed that he had just come from the hospital where his wife had just died.

As a result of this new information, Mr. Covey states “I saw things differently, I thought differently, I felt different, I behaved differently.”

The scene remained the same; the children were disrupting the passengers, but his perception of the scene changed. He stopped seeing unruly children and started to see children who were processing a life changing devastation. He stopped feeling irritated and started feeling compassion.

I also found a GREAT ARTICLE on Tiny Buddha about the 3 Causes for Judging People (and How to Accept Yourself)

But the one quote I found was most interesting is “Most judgments of others are ego strategies to avoid uncomfortable feelings. However, if you lack the awareness of where they come from, they can lead to even more discomfort down the line.”

… to read the article, click here

Now, I realize this sure is a lot of “STUFF” to talk about just to get to THE POINT…   My reason for this blog is that we, as business owners, need to take our OWN JUDGEMENT out of our marketing and our journey of finding new clients.

Here is my list of things to

the 4 JUDGEMENTS You are Making That Are Causing You To LOSE BUSINESS! Stop ASSUMING and Start Getting New Clients!


  1. Someone’s ability to PAY. When they have “money stories” or say they can’t afford it, don’t into it yourself, at least, not at face value. People will find money for what they want and when someone says they can’t afford it, it’s because they either are not convinced that you are providing the best VALUE for the price OR they aren’t convinced it will WORK for them. They simply do not have enough information yet.
  1. What is their REAL Pain and Challenge? You have to know what your CLIENTS actual language is when discussing their pain or challenge. Because we are experts in our field, we THINK we know what someone wants… (that happens with our children, spouses, friends and relationships with others too!) Its extremely IMPORTANT to use your potential clients actual language when addressing their pains and challenges in your marketing language, when you are SPEAKING and in your conversations with them.

When someone says their ELBOW HURTS, it’s that simple. You don’t sell them Arthoscopy for the humerous, ulnus and radius! Even if that’s exactly what they need. You serve them by helping their ELBOW to STOP HURTING… Make sense? (please note I have no clue about elbows, I just looked that up) We often SABOTAGE our marketing efforts and getting new clients by overwhelming our clients with all of that STUFF… Sell them what they WANT (with integrity) and then Give them what they NEED.

  1. What is the BENEFIT your clients get from working with you? This is also very simple. You have to know the language your client uses.   I learned this myself recently. I spent thousands of dollars and many hours working on my marketing message trying to determine what makes me unique and different and how I serve my clients. I help them IMPLEMENT; I help them FOCUS on PRIORITIES, I help amazing people because amazing BUSINESS PEOPLE, and number one, I help entrepreneurs and small business owners MAKE MORE MONEY!   However, I was recently at an event where Bob Burg was speaking, and he said “ask your current clients… and the answer will surprise you”. So I did! and it DID! The response I got back from my clients was pretty unanimous and blew me away…   all of them said to me “because you genuinely care about me”, “because you are honest”, “because you OVER-deliver”, “because you will stop at nothing to make sure your clients are successful”… Wow, it was overwhelming and while I do feel those things are true, I didn’t think anyone else noticed or that it even mattered to them. I was too busy trying to come up with the perfect marketing language when I should have JUST ASKED…


  1. Don’t believe their FIRST OBJECTION! Or the second… (especially if they blame someone on your team or the temperature of the room or they say they CAN’T AFFORD IT…

I learned many years ago in sales and the corporate world that someone’s first objection is FALSE. They may not even know it themselves, but it’s the first thing they can come up with without having to think about it. Don’t go into “solve-it mode” either when they say WHY they don’t want to work with you… ASK MORE QUESTIONS. The 2nd objection is probably going to be a deflection of their own fears. They now see you are asking questions and will now have to face the truth of dealing with something that might require a COMMITMENT on their part and accept responsibility for using your services to IMPROVE THEIR LIVES.   Again, ASK MORE QUESTIONS… The THIRD OBJECTION is usually the real one and if you have taken the time to ask questions, you can now do real work to SERVE THEM and help them get to where they want to be.

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