Stepping into Unknown Crossroads


I’m a proud “‘mama” to see one of my clients LAUNCH their first blog ! And they did it right.…. They created their vision, determined their impact, created a plan with the marketing strategies and tactics, did the work to know their exact ideal client is and they serve them, set up their website, with their opt in, built their list, and then created it all together just as we walked them through. Wow! Its PERFECT!

Stepping into Unknown Crossroads

Let me introduce myself… My name is Ellen Bachmeyer, the founder of The Windhorse Center. I am a psychotherapist, visionary, mentor and teacher. I am a wife, mother and friend. Even though writing has been challenging for me, I nevertheless decided it was time to write a blog. After all, The Windhorse Center’s tag line is “Women Discovering Wisdom and Voice in a Changing World.” So it is time for me to walk the talk. It is time to start speaking the wisdom I have grown in my studies with my mentor, Marti Spiegelman, (Shaman’s Light™ and Awakening Value™) and with indigenous wisdom keepers in the Andes and Asia, my extensive psychological training and my own personal healing journey.

Side note to self… we are evolving all the time. Change is a continuing process. It requires that we step into the unfamiliar, the unknown. So…

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About Shelley Mitchell, BA, ACC, CPM - My Personal Business Coach

FUN, FEARLESS, FOCUSED... Shelley is an expert in Entrepreneurial Coaching and her mission is in helping Smart, Driven, Creative Entrepreneurs get Un-Stuck, Un-Stressed and Out of Overwhelm so they can create their VISION, develop their PLAN, FOCUS on their PRIORITIES, and take ACTION to build their businesses, make more money and reach their dreams and goals. President/CEO of My Personal Business Coach LLC and My Personal ADHD Coach, Creator of the Right Brain Solution (productivity tools for creative entrepreneurs) and Author of the forthcoming Book Series "How to Get & Keep What you Really, Really Want". As a woman of many talents with a stellar success record of over 23 years starting and running small to multi-million dollar businesses, she understands how passion, drive, and commitment have made it possible to live her best life and how it has put her in a unique position, which allows her to serve her clients in extraordinary ways. Her formal education and certifications along with her vast experience make her one of the most unique and top business consultants/coaches in the country.

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