5 Secrets to Staying PRODUCTIVE & Making MONEY in your businesss… Especially when “life” tries to take over!


Happy Thursday!

As I’m heading into a very busy conference weekend with the UnConference coming up, I’m super excited about the opportunity to see 300 of my closest friends & FAVORITE people and also my son speaking at it takes a village conference at the same time.  Since I still haven’t figured out how to CLONE myself, I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed in dealing with my own productivity, time management, and income producing activities and being able to help others at the same time. Learning what I have in the last year, I know that the best thing for me to do is to take 15 minutes to REFLECT and also acknowledge what I am grateful for, rather than what I think is wrong or needs help.


First, I am grateful for you. (I have amazing clients and awesome friends and I am truly blessed)  Second, I am grateful for the having an amazing man in my life and also for having the BEST son ever who couldn’t make me any prouder than I am today. Third, I am so grateful God gave me the gifts and strengths that he did and that I get to use them to help others with their businesses.  I truly do have a unique business mind, which NEVER shuts off by the way, partnered with a lot of education and experience.  More importantly though, I get to help so many people who are business owners and professionals be more productive and make lots of money in their business.


I do my very best to FOCUS on my strengths because if I focused on my weaknesses, everyone would starve to death. Notice, I do not teach cooking lessons and when Dan asked me to drop off his pants at the dry cleaners this morning, I just laughed out loud, for real!  Betty Crocker is not my middle name. I will focus on my amazing gifts, strengths and talents and USE THOSE and know I’m fulfilling my purpose on this earth.  We are all much happier this way J


Lastly, I am so grateful for all of the amazing people God has sent into my life in the last year and also how I get to see so many of them this weekend. PS, if I’m not going to get to see you this weekend at the UnConference, I will definitely be thinking about you and missing you.


I’m sharing how I’m being so grateful for everything I do have and all the people who I love as I’m reflected, primarily to remind myself.  With this, I also want to share my personal secrets or “tips” I use and share with my clients in order to stay productive when I’m working from home so I can still make money in my business, serve others, and try to keep it all working in harmony together.

So here goes…




1.  PAUSE – Yes, I said it; Pause. What this means is that you have to stop and reflect for a moment to be able to see where you’re going or “think before you act”. Sometimes we go so fast that we have to slow down to even see the exit sign for our destination or we will miss the turn. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten lost, while the GPS was even talking to me, because I wasn’t listening or I was going too fast.  (Totally ADHD). I’ve learned that I need to take at least 15 minutes each day, at the beginning of the day (or at the end if that works better for you) to reflect, plan out my day and PRIORITIZE the 3 things that I absolutely need to get done SO I CAN FOCUS ON THOSE FIRST. I also spend this time reading and meditating on something positive such as the Science of Getting Rich or The Abundance Book, and really taking the time to express my gratitude and have faith that everything I want is coming to me and is already on its way but in such a way that I am affecting those who I touch in a positive manner every single day and they always have more than they did before I touched them.


2.  Grab ahold of your big blocks!  I’ve been speaking a lot lately and one of the things that I share is my philosophy on “big blocks”. As most of us want in our life is to be able to prioritize God first, family second, and career third.  I call these the big blocks, and anything else that is super-duper important would be considered a big block or rock. I put these in my calendar first; I literally show them as a block. The new calendar management systems show them as blocks also which is good. I used to have to color the men with pencils. I take all of the things that are important to me, the big blocks, and put them in my calendar as far out as I know. Then all the sanding gravel that comes into our life can fill itself then in the other spaces. I block out all the time I spend with clients, meetings, date night for sure, the time I need to spend with my son, my charity time, time with friends, and so on. Anything that is important gets a block in my calendar AHEAD OF TIME so nothing else will take over. Then as all of the last-minute are crucial emergencies come up, I can fill in around those. The sand and gravel in our lives will always flow in and try to take over. But if you have stuff already blocked out it has to work its way around it rather than filling in that space.


3.  Use timers!  As a co-author of “More ways to succeed with ADHD”, which just launched on amazon October 2, the use of timers something I discuss in the book. I used timers for almost everything. If there some long drawn-out project I need to do in which I typically procrastinate, really don’t want to do or keep getting distracted on, I will set a timer for 15 or 20 minutes just to get myself into action and let go of the outcome. This way, I work on it a little bit every day and move forward with less stress. Typically, in the past, I would put everything off to the last minute and then flurry around, which is still my natural state, but this technique has really helped me and my clients a lot accomplish things we never could do in the past.  Another example would to be that while I’m working from home, the housework or other things seem to take over or are forgotten completely. For example, when putting in a load of laundry in the middle of the workday, I will set my timer on my phone to remind me to go back in 47 minutes (or whatever you washers cycle is). Otherwise, 10 hours may have passed before I realized the clothes were still wet in the washer.


Other uses of timers may include when I go onto Facebook, email, or even social media, so I don’t get end up going down Allison Wonderland’s Rabbit Hole. Hyper-focus (when you are immersed into something so much that you lose total track of time) is a major issue for people who have ADD and also entrepreneurs who work from home.  We may “believe” we are going do something for 5 or 10 minutes or “one last thing” and wind up getting over-involved & hyper focused and then not realize HOURS have passed us by. Setting a timer for that will keep us on track.


4.  GET YOUR IPA ON! I love saying this because it’s the name of my newest workshop.  (BTW, today is the last day for the early bird special for the November workshop).  What Get your IPA On! Means is to always make sure you have at least one income producing activity on your to-do list for that day. If you have 10 things to do, make sure one is always an activity which is income producing. If you are going to do 3 things, one should be an income producing activity. If you only have time to do 1 thing the entire day, make sure it’s an income producing activity.


I really have to commit this to myself, otherwise I end up super busy all day, exhausted at the end of the day, and left with nothing in the bank account to reflect my efforts. But if one activity is focused on producing income, then your bank account looks much better and you’ll feel much more successful at the end of the day even if “life happens” as it does every single day.


As a side note on this topic, I’m often amazed at how many people truly do NOT understand what an income producing activity is or what it truly encompasses. I share these in my upcoming workshop, and I teach people the techniques to determine their strategies and tactics and how to turn them into Income Producing Activities so they can start making money in their business.  What I can tell you is that it is NOT writing blogs, making videos, working on your website, networking (yes, networking), or a lot of things that we are doing where we THINK we are growing our business with.  Yes, these are all necessary activities, but there are IPA’s which must tie into them so you can ACTUALLY make money.   I have found this to be the main key many business owners and entrepreneurs seem to either overlook or simply just don’t know. If you aren’t taking that extra step, you aren’t going to bring money into your business. I have a lot of weaknesses and I have a lot of strengths, but one thing I do know HOW to do is to make money. Now if I can just find my timer, so I can go make some phone calls, that would be really nice. Heehee


5.  Party it Up!  Okay, so I don’t exactly mean throw a big party with a keg and the Chippendale’s or anything like that but what I do mean to say is that you should celebrate and focus on your successes, no matter how small you may believe they are.  This is important for several reasons.


First, if you’re anything like me, someone who is extremely driven and is always going on overdrive, we forget to say “thank you” or “good job” especially to ourselves or even acknowledge the fact that we did anything right.  We just constantly go to the next thing and then to the next thing and on to the next thing and on to the next thing. It’s really important to acknowledge your achievement and the accomplishments of others, even when small things are accomplished, because it helps build confidence and self-esteem so you can continue to duplicate the successes and grow them into even bigger successes.


Second, to explain it to the left brain people, is that when you actually take the time to map out exactly you did (the process) to achieve this success, and identify how you were able to overcome obstacles or things that usually get in your way, it creates a map or a “system” in your brain so you can have easy-to-use directions for future use. You establish a pattern of goodness you can go back to when you need to do it again. This way, you’re not re-creating the wheel every single day which most of us tend to do.



Well, I hope these of been helpful to you so you can take at least one of them to go forth and have a super productive and successful day all the while putting lots of money into your bank account. If you resonate with these, you may want to take the quiz “Are You Focused On Your Business?  Or do you Have Business ADHD?” found at my website. If you would like to set up a quick 15 minute consultation with me to discuss how I can help you put some of them together, click here and reach out to me.


Have a fun fearless and focused day! (And I can’t wait to share the really cool buttons I had made this weekend about being Fun, Fearless, and Focused in your business)






Shelley Mitchell, CPM, CAPS, CAM, HCCP, COS, MORS            

(Author of the forthcoming book series “How to Get (and keep) What You Really, Really Want”)


My Personal Business Coach & My Personal ADHD Coach

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About Shelley Mitchell, BA, ACC, CPM - My Personal Business Coach

FUN, FEARLESS, FOCUSED... Shelley is an expert in Entrepreneurial Coaching and her mission is in helping Smart, Driven, Creative Entrepreneurs get Un-Stuck, Un-Stressed and Out of Overwhelm so they can create their VISION, develop their PLAN, FOCUS on their PRIORITIES, and take ACTION to build their businesses, make more money and reach their dreams and goals. President/CEO of My Personal Business Coach LLC and My Personal ADHD Coach, Creator of the Right Brain Solution (productivity tools for creative entrepreneurs) and Author of the forthcoming Book Series "How to Get & Keep What you Really, Really Want". As a woman of many talents with a stellar success record of over 23 years starting and running small to multi-million dollar businesses, she understands how passion, drive, and commitment have made it possible to live her best life and how it has put her in a unique position, which allows her to serve her clients in extraordinary ways. Her formal education and certifications along with her vast experience make her one of the most unique and top business consultants/coaches in the country.

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