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Two 6 FIGURE Business Coaches SHARE THEI


Two 6 FIGURE Business Coaches SHARE THEIR very SPECIFIC STRATEGIES in a 2 hour INTENSIVE this Tuesday on HOW TO MAKE MORE MONEY!!! (and it’s free!) Register here!

Michele Scism shares the REAL STORY on how she built her business from 0 to $500k in less than 4 years!!!


Its happening in just couple of hours! –


Its happening in just couple of hours! – the WHOLE-istic Business Plan! & Money Mindset!
We’re Going To Show You… 4 Most Common Categories that Hold You Back from SUCCESS and which ONE is keeping you BROKE and MUCH MORE – Melissa Binkley and I have TEAMED UP and you are in for a real treat tonight! Register for FREE!

Is Your Money Mindset Crippling Your Bus


Is Your Money Mindset Crippling Your Business… & your Bank Account?
F.R.E.E. Webinar this Wednesday with Melissa Binkley and Shelley Mitchell

5 Real-World Strategies for Financial Success that ANY BUSINESS OWNER can do!

Grab Your Seat TODAY!

Looking forward to speaking today at Deb


Looking forward to speaking today at Debbie Wysocki’s brand new Quarterly Luncheon ‘Finding Faith & Fortune’! and discussing
the Launch of my BRAND NEW BOOK project I’m doing (where 17 women will be contributing to change their lives and the lives of OTHERS!)

Debbie will also be sharing about God’s Plan for Prosperity AND How you Can Create a Schedule that Supports your Goals —

Can’t wait to see you!

Register now — and network with women amazing women, have wonderful
food, and be hear Quadeera Teart as she shares her beautiful gift of
Gospel Music.

Register Now:

D-I-S-T-R-A-C-T-E-D by the squirrels or


D-I-S-T-R-A-C-T-E-D by the squirrels or “magic pills” in your business?!?! ADHD or not! FOCUSING on the right things is the only way to MAKE THE MONEY we truly deserve!

** F.R.E.E. BOOT CAMP Training Webinar tonight – our top COACHES and clients share their SECRETS to staying FOCUSED even when it’s almost impossible
and HOW to have your FIRST 10k Month! while serving others and impacting the world…

Integrity – PROFITS – Action!

Integrity – PROFITS – Action!


cropped-shelley-header.jpgDo you Struggle with FOCUS but know can do MUCH more than you are doing now if you just had the answers?

Are you tired of “being sold MAGIC PILLS” to grow your business just to end up with more stuff to do and you are still NOT making MORE MONEY?
Three (3) times a year, 50-100 smart, driven, committed entrepreneurs and business owners join our movement to MAKE MORE MONEY in their businesses and to do it with INTEGRITY!
Our Signature Program, Get Your IPA On! is starting again on September 3rd!  In 6 short weeks, 100% of our graduates will be making MORE MONEY! 
This is the program where we teach you:
  • how to get clear on your direction and your vision,
  • learn your impact on the world in such a way that you can communicate it when talking to your perfect ideal client or when it needs to go into your marketing materials and ads. IPA_logo-01
  • Create your marketing message that speaks to them in such a way that your perfect ideal client can hear it, perk up, and want to pay you money for what you do for them.  
  • what marketing language SELLS and what does NOT SELL
  • implement the marketing strategies and tactics that work specifically for you and your business
  • eliminate all of the noise that isn’t working anymore.
  • how to save time, stop the stress and the overwhelm and do the things that are in fact truly making you money.
This is not a program where we just teach you more stuff, overload you with training and put more things on your plate! 
This is where you learn how to identify your challenges and obstacles that slow you down or get in your way of daily, weekly and LONG TERM Success!!! 
You will quickly see how you will start taking things OFF YOUR PLATE from DAY ONE so you have more time to enjoy the things that you love to do AND, in turn, you are also MAKING MORE MONEY in your business by GETTING MORE CLIENTS and serving them in a way where they want to pay you. 

What you will learn is:

  • how to identify and put into place the SYSTEMS that you need in your business  and
  • to ELIMINATE the systems you don’t need so you can
  • STOP BEING DISTRACTED by magic pills that DO NOT work and are constantly pulling you to the left and right.   


WHAT MAKES US and this program DIFFERENT!

And finally, the one thing that makes WORKING WITH MY PERSONAL BUSINESS COACH different than any other program is that:

  • we help you IMPLEMENT what you learn!  Stop going home after training, conferences, classes and events with so much information just to set it on your desk to collect dust! It makes me nuts to KNOW all of the education we pay for but  never actually use or get things done.
  • We implement and partner you up with accountability partners,
  • we show you exactly HOW TO DO IT and we HOLD YOUR HAND!
  • we SPECIALIZE in working with entrepreneurs who struggle with challenges such as DISTRACTIONS, lack of clarity, lack of follow-through & CONSISTENCY, poor TIME MANAGEMENT and difficulty in FOCUSING and PRIORITIZING and finding BALANCE with their already way-too-full PLATES! and those who SIMPLY NEED A PLAN!


This is WHY we can say that 100% of our GRADUATES from this program is making more money. Some as soon as the first week!

Whether you were just starting your business and not sure what you want to do or you already have a 6-figure business and want to take it to the next level, if you want to FOCUS on the right things and MAKE MORE MONEY, this program is FOR YOU!
It is only 6 short weeks, it is life and business-CHANGING and it is super affordable.

We don’t make money off  this program… our goal is to give you the tools that you need to start making MORE MONEY and then those who want to CATAPULT their businesses from there who want to continue working with us afterwards will become part of our coaching program. It’s that simple and that’s why we created this program!

 Once you are an IPA’er, you can go back any time you want for the rest of your life.
We offer this program three times a year and often, many of our IPA’ers are in our program three times a year, again and again, many who are our private VIP clients, so they can: 
  • make lasting CONNECTIONS with fellow IPA’ers,
  • get re-FOCUSED and get that butt kickin’ they need to move their business forward and
  • to keep making more money!

If you’re ready to stop making excuses, stop letting all the distractions and the things that just MAKE NOISE in your life and your business from getting in your way and truly reaching your dreams, the JOIN THE MOVEMENT

It’s time to Stop making NOISE and START making MONEY!  Turn your chaos into cash and have fun doing it!

noise money

*If you are a direct sales or MLM or, we have a special bonus for you this time around.
We have partnered with one of the top direct sales coaches in the country and she will be doing to break out sessions in addition to what you are already receiving so that you can learn the marketing strategies and tactics in recruiting and also the right systems that work for you in your particular industry.   That is all a free bonus just for you.
This Program is NOT FOR YOU If you are a:
  • Hobbyist or someone who doesn’t  truly want to make more money.
  • Someone who believes in magic pills or doesn’t  think that “work” is part of owning a business.
  • Are someone who ONLY cares about making money and is not trying to impact their client’s lives or the world with their gifts, products and services.
  • Too afraid to make decisions
  • Not coachable, a negative-nelly, are a whiner, complainer or procrastinator
This Program IS FOR YOU if:
  • If you really want to know WHAT WORKS and NOT just what’s easy and what you “want to hear”
  • Struggle with FOCUS but know can do more than you doing now if you just had the answers…
  • You want to make MORE MONEY (or an additional 6 figures this year) while still making time for fun in your life!
  • You are a “just getting started” entrepreneur OR an entrepreneur who is grossing under $200k a year in business (though many entrepreneurs with much higher revenues have joined the program and experienced tremendous success and growth as well.)
  • You want to become a recognized industry expert or leader in your field.
  • You are seeking the knowledge and information needed to build a profitable business through a guided training curriculum + coaching and accountability support to keep you on track.
  • You have a desire to be connected to a community of other like-minded entrepreneurs.
  • You are ready to create a business model that simply works!
 mini boot camp

  (F.R.E.E. Preview Training – BOOT CAMP)

Attention Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, & Start-Ups!


Are Your tired of SPINNING YOUR WHEELS only to be EXHAUSTED at the end of the day?


Do you feel like that you sometimes just NEED A BUTT KICKIN’  in your business to STAY FOCUSED and get you in motion to reaching your goals?

It’s TIME TO FOCUS – really FOCUS on your business and what is IMPORTANT!

You are personally INVITED to an exclusive SNEAK PEEK and our MINI-BOOT-CAMP-MAKE-MORE-MONEY Online Training Workshop!

Come find out what all the HYPE is about and join us for our exclusive SNEAK PEEK and our MINI-BOOT-CAMP-MAKE-MORE-MONEY Online Training Workshop!
On Tuesday, August 19thfrom 7:30pm – 9:30pm (EST) !!





Take Me to Get My IPA On! NOW!!!!

I’m ready to MAKE MORE MONEY NOW and do it with INTEGRITY ASAP!register-now-button-pilll-red-hi



Take $200 off NOW for being COMMITTED and DECISIVE! 

Use Code IPA197

You Do Not Make Money with Social Media!!!


Have you ever heard from a fellow entrepreneur (or even yourself) “but I posted it on Facebook and no one called me” or “I tweeted and no one bought anything” or “I spent hours creating an event on Facebook and Google plus, and NO ONE came to my event”“I just can’t do this!…..”.  I hear this all the time when I meet potential clients.

So, I’m not sure where in this world of ours when the day changed where people started thinking that social media was the answer to our prayers and was now the new secret weapon to grow our businesses into huge gold mines.

When did spending hours online building business facebook pages and crafting the perfect quote for today REPLACE true marketing, branding, partnering, developing relationships, closing sales and providing on-going, exceptional customer service?

It didn’t!

This misconception DRIVES ME NUTS and it’s one of the number one reasons why I see business owners NOT making the money they deserve!

I see so many potential clients who come to me who are spending countless hours trying to implement social media and are convinced that their ”lack of knowledge in this” is the reason why their business isn’t achieving the levels they truly desirhomealonee.

NEWS BREAK! You do NOT make money with Social Media!

So how do you make money? Simple…

…By doing business with people who KNOW, LIKE and TRUST YOU…

 “Well, that sounds great Shelley but how do I do that?”

I’m here to tell you that I made all of these same mistakes too. I busted my butt myself for months, and weeks and hours setting up (or trying to) the perfect social media platforms, finding all the great magical statuses to post and friending everyone from Mafia Wars (does the game even exist anymore?). I’m also here to tell you that I wasted A LOT OF TIME doing that and was really exhausted.

It wasn’t until I started building relationships with people, touching them and listening to them to discover what they needed (not what I thought they needed) did I start truly growing my business.

What’s all the hype about Social Media then?

Well, Social Media IS Amazing… It’s a great tool to help you touch someone even better IF you use it correctly. It can also help you accomplish some wonderful things but

FIRST, you must understand that there are 4 keys to Social Media Success. They are:

  1. Finding Interested People
  2. Delivering Quality Content
  3. Capturing Information
  4. Keeping In Touch! (yes, this means follow up – human to human, one on one)

Social Media is simply a tool to help you BUILD those relationships to find interested people, deliver quality content, capture information and Keep in touch. This process is how someone grows to KNOW, LIKE and TRUST YOU…

By using Social Media as this powerful tool, it can:

  • Give you CREDIBILITYcredibility
  • Increase REFERRALS
  • Develop new RELATIONSHIPS
  • Get higher prices for your products and services
  • Give you VISIBILITY
  • Develop TRUST
  • Then, gives you the ability to OFFER your products and services
  • Perceive you as the EXPERT

Remember, GROUP messages are great for “breast cancer awareness month status reports,” general announcements and for posting groups/events/forums to gather others for a common purpose.

In order to be truly effective in building relationships with Social Media, you must:

  • always post with the mindset of ENGAGEMENT of others (ask people to LIKE if they agree, incorporate a link to your site OR include photos with your info on it) Hint: when someone engages such as make a comment or likes something, it now shows up in their newsfeed for their friends to see…which increases your “reach”
  • always reach out ONE ON ONE with a personal message/chat (I usually hit MAYBE on events just so I can keep track but it’s not until someone CALLS ME on the phone or sends me a message that they’d like for me to come and are following up is when my interest is really peaked)
  • be INTERACTIVE with others and their posts and successes. (like, encourage and let your peeps know you are paying attention to them) It’s like being out at happy hour, having casual conversation but with an intention… to build relationships.
  • Oh, it’s also super important to SUPPORT OTHERS. When a fellow business dont hurt othersowner is posting something valuable to them, please LIKE or even SHARE it with others. Giving to others will always create more space in your world for you to RECEIVE greatness into your own life.


In hopes these tips will assist you in creating your Social Media Plan, I hope you also enjoy reading them.


Attention Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, & Start-Ups!
  •  Are Your tired of SPINNING YOUR WHEELS only to be EXHAUSTED at the end of the day?
  • Are you still trying to find the RIGHT COMBINATION of MARKETING to ACTUALLY GET you PAYING CLIENTS?
  • Do you feel like that you sometimes just NEED A BUTT KICKIN’  in your business to STAY FOCUSED and get you in motion to reaching your goals?

It’s TIME TO FOCUS – really FOCUS on your business and what is IMPORTANT!

 STOP Making Noise & START Making Money!
Our WILDLY SUCCESSFUL Signature Program, 
Get Your IPA On!
is starting again in September and you are personally INVITED to
Online Training Workshop!
Come find out what all the HYPE is about and join us for our exclusive SNEAK PEEK and ourMINI-BOOT-CAMP-MAKE-MORE-MONEY Online Training Workshop!
On Tuesday, August 19thfrom 7:30pm – 9:30pm (EST) !!



Do you need an exact step-by-step ROAD M


Do you need an exact step-by-step ROAD MAP of what you need to do to make the MONEY you DESERVE in your business?………. and you needed it YESTERDAY?!?

(only 3 Spots Left til NOVEMBER!

Stepping into Unknown Crossroads


I’m a proud “‘mama” to see one of my clients LAUNCH their first blog ! And they did it right.…. They created their vision, determined their impact, created a plan with the marketing strategies and tactics, did the work to know their exact ideal client is and they serve them, set up their website, with their opt in, built their list, and then created it all together just as we walked them through. Wow! Its PERFECT!

Stepping into Unknown Crossroads

Let me introduce myself… My name is Ellen Bachmeyer, the founder of The Windhorse Center. I am a psychotherapist, visionary, mentor and teacher. I am a wife, mother and friend. Even though writing has been challenging for me, I nevertheless decided it was time to write a blog. After all, The Windhorse Center’s tag line is “Women Discovering Wisdom and Voice in a Changing World.” So it is time for me to walk the talk. It is time to start speaking the wisdom I have grown in my studies with my mentor, Marti Spiegelman, (Shaman’s Light™ and Awakening Value™) and with indigenous wisdom keepers in the Andes and Asia, my extensive psychological training and my own personal healing journey.

Side note to self… we are evolving all the time. Change is a continuing process. It requires that we step into the unfamiliar, the unknown. So…

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