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Too Many “Coaches” In The Kitchen Spoils The Soup!


I started writing to you Saturday on my birthday while I was sitting at the airport waiting to head back to South Florida for my son’s graduation party.  (not my first birthday I have spent in an airport)   I’m super proud of him and was thrilled when I landed when he picked me up as a “surprise” 🙂 


I just spent an amazing weekend in Houston with an awesome group of people at Michele Scism’s mastermind where we got to focus on our midyear evaluation and directions of upcoming plans and to finish off 2014 as our BEST YEAR EVER! (and can’t wait for you to hear about our SURPRISE plans for Spring 2015). There were several people in the group who were not only her VIP Clients, but were also in  another high end group coaching program that I will leave unnamed. Most of them were rockin’ and rollin’ this year and understood the value that they are receiving from both programs and they “fit” together but this only happens because they were able to stay FOCUSED on their VISION they determined with the one MAIN Coach/Mentor.   They have been CATAPULTING by leaps and bounds because they have their primary coach, take on the info they receive in a way that is congruent with their VISION and are committed for the long haul and not “coach jumping” like we see so often in that world.  COMMITMENT is the KEY…


Unfortunately, that’s NOT the norm even with very experience entrepreneurs which brings me to the reason I’m writing!   Almost every day, I see so many entrepreneurs suffer from what I lovingly call “Business ADHD” and when they do, the regular day-to-day DISTRACTIONS can be fatal to their progress.  For MOST entrepreneurs, having more than one coach or coaching program (specialty or not) can really make your soup very salty.  


Most creative entrepreneurs do NOT need any MORE “great ideas” but rather need FOCUS and IMPLEMENTATION which is what has been holding you back from reaching your goals and making more money.   

As a Certified Business Coach (and Adhd Coach), I work with entrepreneurs, most of who are creative, smart, driven, and high-energy. (extroverts and introverts)   They are EXPERTS in their field but seek my guidance in clarifying their direction, developing a clear message to communicate their IMPACT to the world, determining the marketing strategies and tactics, developing their systems, IMPLEMENTATION and making the MONEY they truly deserve.  (We are usually working with 25-50 Start Ups and Established Businesses/Entrepreneurs at one time)  Our entrepreneurs have awesome ideas; the problem is either the “know how” for the next step OR staying focused, eliminating or overcoming challenges and distractions, and being able to implement at least one of the ideas in a consistent focused manner.(with tactics that WORK!)


Often time, even if you have a plan, SQUIRREL! You’ve been hit with another great idea and off you go to the left. Then SQUIRREL! You’ve been hit with another great idea and off you go to the right!   

So what does this mean?  Well,  it means that you never really or actually get anything done and you’re definitely making much LESS MONEY than you deserve.  One minute everything is great and then SQUIRRELl! We fall down and have another rough day.  It seems like it’s always “2 steps forward and one step back”.  Ugh….  Plus your expenses are probably out of control as well because you’ve started so many things but finished almost nothing.     

So what causes all of this?  Well, lack of clarity for sure.  Lack of direction or lack of a real written plan even more for sure.  Lack of accountability or not working with a coach also hinders MOST entrepreneurs and business owners as well. 


What about people who are “OVER-COACHED?”  

“Over-coaching” can happen when someone works with more than one coach.  They usually lack clarity and they keep buying “magic pills” rather than actually implementing what they originally chose to do OR while they do have clarity they bite off more than they can chew and are really trying to do way too many things at one time.  Seeking specialty programs for “speakers”, “blogging”, “sales” “branding” or whatever it is to help with specific things, as long as it truly pertains to your VISION and MISSION, is GREAT!  If it doesn’t, then it’s just a distraction to your productivity and your bank account. 


If you have a coach, then be “ALL IN”.  Take advantage of everything they have to offer,  have full disclosure, honor your commitments and don’t run off on a wild goose chase each time someone gives you another “great idea”.  I know SOOOO many people who fit this bill of being “over-coached”.  You will often find them a year later with the same exact challenges.  Granted, they are much more “personally developed” but still BROKE and still seeking the “magic pill”.  The truth is – there are a LOT of awesome amazing coaches, mentors and consultants out there.  And each one of them can give you a GREAT IDEA you can implement in your business.  

So Pick One!  Don’t flounder.  Take the bull by the horns and COMMIT to the entire program but more importantly, commit to yourself.   If you’re going to work with a coach, that person should be your guide, your navigator, your confidant and the person who holds your road map to help you get to where you want to go.  Continuing “personal development” is a MUST, but you have to IMPLEMENT these things as you learn them (with a PLAN) for them to actually work for you. 


Almost all of my clients who come to me are either brand new to coaching and really need the business “know-how” /the next steps OR are tremendously over-coached, over-educated, over-trained, over-conferenced, over-evented, over-branded, over-certified, and over–BROKE!  The newbies are so much easier to help than the second because they haven’t established the patterns of being continuously distracted yet never finishing what they started.

Hint:  your clients don’t care how much you know; they care how much you can help them.

Does your coach have to be perfect or have all the answers? No, absolutely not!  Most importantly, they should have your best interest in their  heart, and they should be honest, ethical and have integrity.    Say YES to that relationship and then see it through. Honor your commitments, and if the coach is asking you to do too many things at once and you are not implementing them or able to complete them, then that process  is not in your best interest.  Speak up and ask for what  you need.    

If you have trouble FOCUSING or PRIORITIZING,  limit the number of things you do at one time, but then always pushing through on a CONSISTENT basis.   You may not feel you get much of a break but the steady driving and pushing through is important.  This philosophy is one of the reasons why our GROUP Coaching Clients have so much more success than from most other programs.  We focus on accountability and masterminding, building our list and fostering relationships but TAKING ACTION in such a way that our clients are actually IMPLEMENTING what they are learning and are honoring their commitments.

Anyone who wants to grow from their current place definitely needs a coach! (My definition of “coach” equals a certified trained coach who understands how to ask powerful questions and helps you IMPLEMENT and move forward so you can actually reach your goals and make more money.   Your definition may be different.  

If you are not reaching your goals and are in a constant state of “upsell” or being distracted by the next magic pill by your coach, then blame your coach.. However, if you create a plan with your coach and you do not implement what you committed to,  then blame yourself.

Please stop the vicious cycle.  If any of this is happening to you then your soup is too salty.  Let’s fix it so you can get Un-Stuck, Un-Stressed and Out of Overwhelm and start making MONEY in your business.  

So, what one thing (that next step) can you do today to move something forward in your business?  Is it one follow up call?  Getting your OPT IN box up?  Creating your free offer?  Processing the ziplock bag full of business cards you collected from all those networking event you have attended?  Scheduling just one teleclass?  Booking one consultation with a potential client?  Clearing off your desk because you can’t see the surface? 

What is it?  JUST ONE THING…… Pick one,  set a timer for 20 minutes, tune everything else out and knock it out of the park!  You will feel much better to clear this off of your plate and out of your mind and I promise, your progress will start catapulting to SUCCESS!

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