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100% of our graduates MAKE MORE MONEY!!!


100% of our graduates MAKE MORE MONEY!!! We’re HONORED to make this CLAIM no one else can about our Signature Program -starts TONIGHT! Entrepreneurs, Business Owner, Direct Sales/MLM & Sales Pros READY to COMMIT to MAKING MORE MONEY by making small yet POWERFUL changes in the way you Create, Plan, Promote, Sell or Run Your business. (especially those who Struggle with Distractions, Prioritizing, Time Management, NUMBERS, communicating their Marketing Message or finding SYSTEMS for their business.) It’s NOT your Branding, Its Your MESSAGE & lack of a REAL do-able PLAN. JOIN THE MOVEMENT! $$$ IPA100 for $100off


Nobody Came to My Party……

Nobody Came to My Party……



Are you EXHAUSTING yourself CREATING blogs and newsletters but wonder why NO ONE is OPENING them or READING them?

Have you SPENT HOURS of your TIME putting together the PERFECT EVENT, teleclass, training, or PROGRAM but NO ONE is showing up?



Well guess what?!?! You are NOT alone!

These are some of the most common complaints I hear each and every day from 100% of potential clients. It seems as if everyone is FRUSTRATED that their EFFORTS are just NOT MAKING THEM MONEY or even TOUCHING the lives of people and MAKING THE DIFFERENCE in the world THEY KNOW they are MEANT TO DO!

I get 300-400 emails each day, there is no way in the world I can humanly read or even OPEN all of them.

So what the heck do I do to stay OUT OF OVERWHELM? First, I mark key people VIP so I know which emails I MUST open but then others will end up either SITTING there or GETTING DELETED unless it GRABS MY ATTENTION and STANDS OUT in a way that makes me WANT to open it.

So how do you do this when creating your emails, newsletters and blogs? You can have the BEST INFORMATION in the world but if someone isn’t opening it or reading it, who cares?

There is an ART (or SCIENCE) to this and we teach you this in Our Signature Program, “Get Your IPA On!” which is starting this Tuesday where we help you STOP making NOISE and START Making MONEY! I am definitely proud to say that 100% of our Graduates literally MAKE MORE MONEY…. and you can CLICK HERE to get more information about this.

Yes, that was my little shameless plug to PROMPT the RIGHT person into ACTION to take the next step to JOIN THE MOVEMENT starting Tuesday but I also wanted to share a couple of QUICK TIPS or things to consider you can USE TODAY.


Get your IPA ON starts in 4 days, JOIN THE MOVEMENT!

Stop Making Noise and Start Making Money



So, I received a “newsletter” from someone who just recently signed up for our PROGRAM so since they COMMITTED to Getting their IPA on, I committed to jumping in and helping them right away, Here is a SNIPPET of my response to their email (and note that I did already have a relationship with them, I wasn’t writing to a stranger heehee)

Hi Lizzy, (fake name)

Great newsletter! Now that you have committed to be an IPA’er, I want you to know I am committed to your SUCCESS. I read your newsletter and have some quick feedback   if you’d like (use some or all as you wish.)   So, I have these questions for you…

  • How big is your list currently?
  • What are all of the things you are doing right now to grow your list? opt in box/free gift? speaking? free teleclasses? social media plan/promotion? any jv partners/affiliates?
  • How do you grow your list with your radio show?

I am just trying to get my arms around WHAT you are doing now – whats working and whats not… These are all things you NEED to know the answer to and also have a PLAN for that will increase the value of your list and the amount of MONEY you make in your business.   Try to make your SUBJECT LINES an “impactful question” regarding a pain/challenge your ideal client is experiencing and is highlighted in your tip/email or related to your content? It should be something that would make your ideal client want to OPEN the email (get their attention and spark their curiosity)… The reader may not know who “AB” is and while you are using “transformation” in the heading, “transformation”is not word that sells or inspires ACTION. It’s a great word that people understand who already had it but not to those who STILL NEED IT.   The person you are trying to reach is someone who has a specific pain or challenge and you need to know what it is and how to connect with them so they know that YOU KNOW – as you are the EXPERT. (You will learn a lot more about that in Module 2 in IPA)   Hope this adds value to your life.

Lots of hugs and love,


P.S. If YOU want to know how you can Turn Your CHAOS into CASH and Start Making MORE MONEY in your business, JOIN THE MOVEMENT! Get Your IPA ON! is a UNIQUE 7- week program designed to ELIMINATE all the STUFF that is wasting your time and money and add the things that are most IMPACTFUL to your life and your business so you can make the MONEY you DESERVE. Just 4 days before we start! Join us TODAY!

Excited to announce that we have Nancy M


Excited to announce that we have Nancy Matthews as our Guest Speaker for Module I in our Signature program “Get Your IPA On!!!! You will get CLEAR on your Vision, Mission, GOALS and direction of your Business!

We will have the BEST OF THE BEST in all of our upcoming modules in Target/Market/Niche- attracting your IDEAL Perfect Client; Your IMPACT! Marketing Strategies and Tactics that ACTUALLY make your MONEY and SYSTEMS to pull it all together and ELIMINATE the overwhelm. JOIN THE MOVEMENT if you are ready to STOP making NOISE and ready to START Making MONEY! We kick off this tuesday!

CHECK OUT the latest Blog! – The Reason


CHECK OUT the latest Blog! – The Reason WHY You Are Not Making MORE Money & 5 Biggest Mistakes to AVOID! (great for ADD’ers too!)

The Reason WHY You Are Not Making MORE Money & 5 Biggest Mistakes to AVOID!

The Reason WHY You Are Not Making MORE Money & 5 Biggest Mistakes to AVOID!

Are you STRUGGLING to find a SIMPLE Road Map in Your Business To Make MORE MONEY??  Well, CHECK OUT MY LATEST BLOG!


First things first, there are so many reasons why you may not be making the money you truly deserve.  I’m going to cover a few that me and my team see commonly almost every single day when working with business owners, start-ups and even just meeting them out and about in my daily life.

The #1 reason people are not making money in their business is because they have not committed 100%  to treating their business as a REAL business and putting on their CEO hat. Its time to put your big girl panties on, (or big boy undies), ACT LIKE a CEO and treat your business as such; a REAL business!


Once you‘ve made that COMMITMENT, not just to yourself but to your business, then come the mistakes as to why you are not making MORE MONEY.  


Below are the 5 Most Common Mistakes I see every day.  Which ones are you making? 


1.  LACK OF CLARITY of your Mission and your Vision –  the number one mistake I see so many business owners make is not being clear in what they’re trying to achieve. While you do not have to do a “formal” business plan if you‘re not seeking financing from a bank, you do have to have a PLAN (written)! In order to have a written PLAN,  MUST KNOW exactly what your PURPOSE is.


The premise of “Do what you Love and the Money will Follow” is bullshit!.   Someone left the middle part of that statement out, and it has really screwed up many entrepreneurs over the years.  It should say “Do what you Love… have a REAL PLAN, take Consistent ACTION with IPAs (income producing activities) …and then, the MONEY will Come”.

Do you see the missing puzzle link?


You cannot create a real plan unless you are clear on what your vision is – the big rock, the purpose, the goal, the mission, whatever you want to call it.  If you do not know exactly where you are going, how can you possibly get there?


2. Not knowing your IMPACT statement can be devastating, cost you A TON of money and cause you to lose potential clients and customers each and every day.   If you stumble or go around in circles when someone asks you whatyou do, this means that you lack clarity in your message that you carry from your brain out of your mouth to people or onto paper.  Having your true STATEMENTwill clear all of this up for youreally quick, and your perfect, ideal client will PERK UP as soon as you tell them what youdo. If other people do not perk up, it is because they are not your ideal client.   I see this almost every time I go to a networking meeting or am interviewing a potential new client.  If a simple website developer cannot even tell me what they love to do or whom they love to work with and what their unique benefits are, then how will anyone know if they are the right person to hire?   We help you clear this up quickly in our Signature program, Get Your IPA On!.  We do not let you go any further in your business and waste your time, energy and money until you have this ironed out so everything else will come so much more smoothly to you, especially MORE MONEY into your bank account.


You can be the best (fill in the blank) in the world but if people do not know whatyou do in a clear concise manner, how you can serve them, or how to find you, they’re not going to write you a check. Simple fact!


Giving yourself some zippy name like the “bedazzled business babe” isn’t going to bring your clients either.  You can’t possibly know what your IMPACT STATEMENT is until you are clear on your  target market, niche, who youreally serve, the pains challenges and struggles that they deal with and the benefits they get from truly working with you.   



WARNING:  Get clear on your impact before youproceed to do anything else and stop draining your bank account as you watch all of your potential clients just pass you by to go and work with someone else.





3.  Your Marketing STRATEGIES & TACTICS are too few, too MANY or just a big MESS! 


Creating a brand, developing a logo, letterhead, business cards,website, marketing plans, blogs, videos,articles, and everything you are doing in your business can be a total waste of time, energy and a boat-load of money if you do not know what your impact is.  Stop creating websites, logos and business cards and tell you get clear on this. You‘re wasting your time and money, as soon as you do, everything else will start going much more smoothly. I promise!


The number one reason WHY businesses FAIL is because people QUIT. They quit right  before they’re about to strike GOLD, and it’s very disheartening. This happens because business owners are exhausted and arent making the money they deserve even after they have worked their tails off to build their businesses.  How does that happen to good people? Well, simple…  Their marketing strategies and tactics are all over the place and do not have any consistency or structure to them, and unless they TIE to an IPA and a plan, they are worthless to you.  In our Signature program, Get Your IPA On! you will learn how to create and IMPLEMENT these, so you do not  find yourself broke after spending a lot of money and not bringing any in.  We also teach youthe 100+ marketing strategies and tactics that you can use yet so many people try to do ALL AT ONCE.   It’s a wonder why they are all exhausted. We teach youhow to evaluate what you were doing that is working so you can do more of it, what you are not doing so you can START DOING it and easily incorporate it into your activities, and what you‘re doing that is not working so you can stop doing them or correct them so you can start making more money.   Then we narrow it down to what WORKS FOR YOU and eliminate all of the other NOISE  that is occupying your life and business.


4.  Systems Overload or the Ice-Age!  

I often find that people will spend money on SYSTEMS  because they think they are a magic pill and will fix all of their problems.  Of all the things that I just mentioned such as Clarity, Impact, Strategies & Tactics, etc.. youMUST have those things in place to know HOW to decide on which “SYSTEMS” will best serve you such as which CRM is best, which financial or bookkeeping system is best, which list building system is best, which customer management system is best, which website and online systems are best for you, how to manage your social media and your marketing systems, how to handle creating your business, getting new business, doing the business and RUNNING the business…  It too can be exhausting if you do not have the tools to make the best decision.


We teach you how to do this in our Signature Program, Get Your IPA On!  BUT we teach you how to do this affordably!  As a certified Business Coach with a lot of successful clients who are continuously growing and MAKING MORE MONEY, I’m also a single mom who had limited funds and resources available to start my business. I had to build my business on a shoestring budget to include a lot of hard work and elbow grease so I know personallywhat works and what doesn’t. I never recommend systems that are costly if they’re not going to work for you, and I also do not recommend cheap systems if they’re not going to accomplish your goals either. We help you find the right combination for YOU and then GUIDE YOU in putting them into place so youcan step from all of those time suckers, be the CEO of your company, and thenmake the MONEY you truly deserve.


5.  Accountability and Coaching – yeah yeah yeah, you‘ve heard it all… the more money you spend on a coach, the better you‘re going to get. Right???  I adamantly say, “Wrong!”  You should EVALUATE where you are in your business life-cycle and find the person who is the best fit for you. You do not have to like them, but you do need to be able to trust them and know that they have your best interest at heart at all times.   I have had to change coaches over time, but that does not mean they were not ALL amazing.  First, you do start with the mindset and learning about yourself, etc.. But when you know that you‘re focused on your mindset every day, most people need ACCOUNTABILITY soyou can ensure you are going to take the actions you‘ve committed to takingand that you know HOW to do themHow are you supposed to know what the next step is if someone, who has already been there and done that, doesn’t SHOW YOU THE “WHAT” and the “HOW”??? 


NOTE:   A good BUSINESS COACH is also a CONSULTANT who canteach you the steps and HOW to IMPLEMENT your PLAN.  In order to be able to help YOU DECIDE on which SYSTEMS are best for YOU, they should have an overall knowledge of how they function and operate and definitely know how to LOG IN..  If you can’t TRACK it, you can’t ACHIEVE it.


First, MINDSET – then WHAT STEPS – then the HOW!


In our Signature Program, Get Your IPA On! We will also have GUEST SPEAKERS for each module who are SPECIALISTS in each of these areas, who are NOT selling ANYTHING but are there to ANSWER your questions in order for YOU to find that missing puzzle piece that has been holding you back from making the MONEY you truly deserve.


In addition, every other week, we have included our Group COACHING, Q&A and also HOT SEATS  for those who are ready to step up in a big way.


It’s ALL included in our GET YOUR IPA ON! Signature Program.





Have a Fun, Fearless & FOCUSED Day!

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Shelley Mitchell, BA, ACC, CPM, CAPS, CAM, HCCP, COS, MORS

President/CEO *My Personal Business Coach & My Personal ADHD Coach*


Author of “Build My List! Build My Business! Build My Bank Account!”, Co-Author of More Ways To Succeed With ADHD, & Author of the forthcoming book series “How to Get (and keep) What You Really, Really Want”.

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Are DISTRACTIONS making your BROKE? (9 Tips to Eliminate them and Start Making MONEY now!)

noise money
I’m sitting out by the pool today happily enjoying the fact that I don’t have to “DO” anything or “GO” anywhere…..yet, I’m DEEP IN THOUGHT about a very DISTURBING conversation I had this week with a friend…  Its’ very similar to many I hear week in and week out but this was from someone who is NOT my client but IS a very dear friend…She confided in me that she has spent THOUSANDS on her business over the last year but while it’s really “pretty” on the outside and she publicly appears to be very SUCCESSFUL, she is NOT MAKING MONEY, her entire SAVINGS is depleted and she’s asked for my HELP…  My heart sank ~ so her HONOR, this week’s BLOG is born 🙂
Are you struggling to RELAX on the weekend because your To-Do List a mile long and you do not even know where to begin?Are you constantly being DISTRACTED by all of the bright and shiny objects?
Such as your friends events, new coaching programs, the latest“magic pill” that’s going to make millions in your business and is also going to save the world‘s hunger problem? Or are even the simple blogs and videos you are spending hours on seeming to go nowhere and lead no one back to you.Are you trying really hard to have an ABUNDANT mindset but find that you are spending money at a much faster rate than the money is coming in?Well, you are NOT ALONE! 80% of entrepreneurs suffer from constant DISTRACTIONS that are preventing them from making MONEY in their business.  And it’s NOT YOUR FAULT!
Here are 9 TIPS on How to Eliminate Distractions and Start Making MONEY:
1.  DECIDE what you really, really want .
2.  Make the COMMITMENT to treat your business like a real business .
3.  Put on your CEO hat and create a real PLAN .
4.  FOCUS on your PRIORITIES and a eliminate constant DISTRACTIONS.
5.  Get into ACTION immediately, even if it’s baby steps.  Set a timer for 20 minutes if you have to.
6.  TRACK your progress and reevaluate often.
7.  Did I mention, treat your business as a REAL BUSINESS?
8.  Stop thinking there is a “magic pill” you are not aware of. Acknowledge that there are things that you do not know but seek experienced counsel/coaches/mentors to help you find what you need to build a SOLID business.  (“pretty” doesn’t necessarily mean solid)
9. Don’t LOSE SIGHT of your PLAN!  Make your DECISIONS based on your PLAN and NOT by all of the new info, magic pills and constant DISTRACTIONS that are flying at you each and every day.
The potential distractions will not stop but if you have a plan and keep it at the forefront of your decision-making, it will be much easier to stay FOCUSED on making MONEY and have the SUCCESS you DESERVE.

Remember, your plan is based on what you really really want and your commitment to treat your business as a real business.We are told over and over to have a positive VISION, have an ABUNDANT mindset, eliminate FEAR and Anxiety, and to “Say YES, and figure it out!”Yes, I agree with all of it, but having a GOAL for your business WITHOUT A real PLAN is just a DREAM that can quickly turn into a NIGHTMARE and a financial disaster..  Wake up!Once you SAY YES to COMMIT to your business And DECIDE that you’re going to treat it as a real business that is going to MAKE MONEY, and then it’s time to CREATE A PLAN, focus on your priorities and start MAKING MONEY!If YOU are READY to start MAKING MONEY, join us for our “free mini boot camp, get your IPA On! Monday at 7:30 PM 

As a Certified Business, ADHD and Life coach with over 25 years of business experience,  I have a much bigger toolbox to be able to help my clients break through the crap that is holding them back and start making money right away!

I work with smart, driven, creative heart-centered entrepreneurs who are challenged by chronic distractions, procrastination and focus issues which are sabotaging their financial success, and making the money they truly deserve!

Our signature program, Get Your IPA On!
STOP Making Noise and START Making Money
will be starting in less than two weeks.
This Monday, we are presenting a free mini boot camp And will be sharing some secrets by several of our clients who are making more money today after going to this program.
ImageJoin us Monday, April 7th at 7:30pm (EST) for a FREE webinar/call,

Where you will learn,

  • How to have your first $10,000 month!
  • Three of the top 10 reasons people spend money! (and it’s not what you think)
  • WHY people are NOT BUYING from you and the words you were using in your marketing and your language that causes it.
  • LIVE! Hear from several CLIENTS who went through this course and SHARE their secrets on HOW they are MAKING MORE MONEY in just a few short weeks and months!

Have a Fun, Fearless & FOCUSED Day!

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Shelley Mitchell, BA, ACC, CPM, CAPS, CAM, HCCP, COS, MORS

President/CEO *My Personal Business Coach & My Personal ADHD Coach*


Author of “Build My List! Build My Business! Build My Bank Account!”, Co-Author of More Ways To Succeed With ADHD, & Author of the forthcoming book series “How to Get (and keep) What You Really, Really Want”.

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