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LOST? IDEAS on HOW to use your Business Coach when THE JOURNEY CHANGES…


ImageAs a CERTIFIED Coach who works with Business Owners and Entrepreneurs, I’m honored by all the amazing successes I’m privileged to witness DAILY with my clients.  Because of this, I sometimes forget that we all can have CHANGES in our coaching journey and our journeys with ourselves and our businesses.  Not only is that NORMAL but CHANGE IS GOOD!  Really!

What does that mean in your coaching relationship?  NOTHING at all…  It only means you can now utilize your coach for the NEW journey.  Regardless of WHO your coach is, your coaching time is your time, and it is up to you to be specific with what you want to see, get or achieve.  Otherwise, I (or any coach) will work on what they feel is the most predominant subject they see.  As with any coaching relationship, you can be most effective by knowing, prior to your session, specifically WHAT you would like to work on during that session and communicate this to your coach.  

I once had a client who was in Direct Sales who hired me to help her grow her team and win a trip to Barbados and work through potentially “leaving her  marriage”.    With the powerful questions certified coaches know how to ask, and with the exploration we engaged in during the first month, she decided NOT to pursue her business but rather to work on her MARRIAGE of 20 plus years.  Two months later, we found out she actually WON the trip to Barbados TOO! 

Her JOURNEY changed, and it changed for the better!

I have quite a few clients who have been with me over a year and they ALL need to be reminded from time to time what the journey looked like when they started.  That’s simply because its NORMAL to take big leaps and also to have set backs and to also get DISTRACTED from what you really want. 

One current client, for example, was completely overwhelmed in her business when we started.  She had no time for herself and wasn’t achieving her goals.  She hired me to help her create systems and get organized in her business.  Today, she is making more money as a real estate agent than ever before in 13 years.  She finally has DAYS OFF to volunteer, get massages, play golf, network and she even got ORDAINED as a minister (that had been a goal for more than 7 years she PUT OFF due to not having the time or systems).  Her JOURNEY has definitely CHANGED!  She is playing a much bigger game now and just recently sent me the web link to a large church which included the recording to her SERMON last Sunday.  She’s still a real estate agent making good money, has a p/t MLM business she’s having fun with.  She’s still working on getting more organized but has definitely come a long way but more importantly, she Is TOUCHING the LIVES of others.

I could go on and on with the stories, but my point is – YOUR COACH CAN BE USED FOR MANY DIFFERENT THINGS…, and it’s up to you to seek out the guidance you need at that particular crossroads of your journey.   A “certified coach” (not a mentor who uses the title of “coach”) is trained to be multi-purpose because certified Life Coaches are trained to hold that space for you; WHATEVER your journey may be at that moment in time.  With that being said, I wanted to share this cool info I found….that will help you when the path on your journey seems to change  (I DO NOT recommend this as a marketing message as it’s too inclusive)


Why Use a Business Coach?

Why does someone who is already doing great use a business coach?

  • To create more excitement, joy and fulfillment in your life and business by continually moving forward.
  • To set and achieve more challenging and rewarding goals.
  • To focus on other personal areas you would like to enjoy more.
  • To work on letting go of areas in your business and life you are tolerating.
  • To work for something you really want.

What else can business coaching do for you?

  • Improve skills
  • Plan, discuss and problem solve
  • Improve client development
  • Reach challenging goals
  • Improve delegation skills
  • Defeat procrastination
  • Achieve balance between work and personal life
  • Clarify goals and values
  • Improve business relationships

What is business coaching? A way to achieve faster, better results.  

Business Coaching is a professional development process, which encourages action and changes in behavior based on your increased self-awareness and commitment. Through on-going focused conversations with your business coach, synergy is created resulting in you reaching exponentially greater solutions than working on your own.

Why does business coaching work?

Business coaching works because it increases your awareness of your situation and gives you an opportunity to work on it with professional assistance. You examine options, make choices, and take responsibility to carry out your own personal action plan. Coaching brings out your best!

Coaching is a venue for you to discover and realize your dreams and goals. Having a regular appointed time to check in, recharge, and focus on your objectives motivates and fosters achievement of those objectives.

How does business coaching work?

Business coaching is an on-going long term partnership between you and your business coach that results in steady progress towards your professional and personal goals.

Business coaching sessions are efficient, confidential and typically occur once per week or every other week in a one-on-one thirty or forty minute telephone call.

What can working with a business coach do for you?

Working with a business coach can help you in a number of ways, depending on what’s most important to you and what you want to achieve. You can:

  • Make more money.
  • Design a plan of action and set and reach more exciting and satisfying goals.
  • Align your life, business or career with your values.
  • Make more satisfying decisions.
  • Organize yourself and your business.
  • Enhance and expand your career or business options.
  • Implement your unique action plan.
  • Develop a healthier balance between your personal and professional life.
  • Look ahead to opportunities that could become a reality.
  • Work on achieving financial independence.
  • Keep you focused on your needs, values, and vision.
  • Add more fun to your life.

A Business Coach:

  • Promotes effective discussion and ideas that keeps one focused
  • Motivates, supports and encourages without judgment
  • Offers a means of consistent, thoughtful accountability.


 If you’d like to know how to find the RIGHT Business Coach for you OR if you really even need one, grab this FREE mp3 to guide you on your journey.



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