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WHAT IS YOUR GIFT? Note to self & those


WHAT IS YOUR GIFT? Note to self & those I love: God gave us all gifts and strengths that are special and UNIQUE just to US. Some are so inherent, strong and come so easily to us that we take them for granted, assume everyone else is good at them too and even devalue them by undercharging for them or giving them away or even worse, chasing after yet another bright and shiny object when we SHOULD be capitalizing, growing and SHARING our unique gifts and strengths that we already have within us. God gave them to us and it’s OUR JOB and RESPONSIBILITY to go out and share them with the world and to help the world to become a better place by sharing them with others. Please share below – What are your Gifts/Strengths?


Know which Marketing Tactics make noise


Know which Marketing Tactics make noise and which ones actually make you money! Learn Income Producing Activities. Get your IPA On! Live In-Person Class starts MONDAY.

Are you tired of marketing and sharing y


Are you tired of marketing and sharing your message and not making money? Join me at my next 2 part Event I am putting on next week called “Get Your IPA On!”
Learn the difference between making noise and making money… so you can save time, save stress and FOCUS your attention on Income Producing Activities to start making money right away!

This is a two-part class where you will:
Learn over 50 marketing strategies and tactics,
Create and leave with a Personalized ACTION PLAN,
have steps to implement that same day and then
get professional business coaching and also
accountability, masterminding and the support you need to start making money the very next day!

The first 10 people who sign up will also receive a private One on One Business breakthrough Strategy Session with Shelley to ensure your success!
As a certified Business Coach, I don’t just teach classes, I make sure you have the tools you need to SUCCEED and ACHIEVE real results!
This is a $497.00 package for only $97! There is limited space so sign up TODAY
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