82 Ways To Get A Booking! (Direct Sales/


82 Ways To Get A Booking! (Direct Sales/Party Plan/MLM)

1. Send a catalog to a co-worker that has moved.
2. Send a catalog to your Tupperware, Discovery Toys, Etc. Reps or Exchange Shows.
3. Post a catalog in the teachers’ lounge at your child’s school – or any school.
4. Post a catalog in the employee lunch room.
5. Hold an Open House
6. Have a booth a school fair
7. Advertise in your Alumni newsletter and or local newspaper
8. Give a Catalog to the receptionist at your doctor’s or dentist’s office – offer her a GC for each buying customer she refers to you.
9. Include a wrap or flyer with your bill payments.
10. Call past hostesses
11. Put current catalog or wrap in your neighbors door. Include a 10% off coupon.
12. Ask friends or neighbors to have a show
13. Advertise in your church bulletin
14. Take a recipe to every potluck. (That has something to do with your business)
15. Host an office party or brunch.
16. Host a show before or during a PTA meeting.
17. Mail out samples, catalogs, and a wish list
18. Host your own show. Could even be a fund raiser for your favorite charity.
19. Get a list from welcome wagon. New people may be looking for a
consultant or a new job in your area.
20. Set up a display at a craft fair
21. Participate in a school fund raiser
22. Have your Husband or significant other promote the products at work.
23. Have you and your family members wear at shirt or sweatshirt promoting your product.
24. Hold a Christmas shopping show for men.
25. Offer a Christmas wish list to your guest and then call the gift giver.
26. Set up a display at a mall.
27. Put an Ask Me button on your purse or coat.
28. Ask past hostesses at shows to talk about their free products.
29. Hold an opportunity night.
30. Random mailings. Open a phone book and randomly choose.
31. Mention Hostess half price gifts and other benefits at least three times per show.
32. Hold up higher price products and mention half price products to encourage bookings.
33. Mention how much your average hostess gets in products.
34. At the beginning of your show mention the hostess goal.
35. Share upcoming specials at shows and during phone calls.
36. Tell your hostess how much she saved by having a show.
37. Encourage frequent customers to regularly plan shows.
38. Encourage Hostesses to rebook a show in 6-9 months. She’ll be
the first to see and try new products.
39. Treat Hostesses to a special Hostess appreciation tea.
40. Encourage relatives to book a show.
41. Call your realtor with suggestions for new home packages.
42. Offer to do a class for your local grocery store.
43. Start an email address book of customers who want to know
what the monthly specials are, Don’t forget to mention the hostess specials, if there isn’t one create one.
44. Encourage your hostesses and guests to refer potential hostesses to you.
45. Offer a bridal registry.
46. Promote the bridal shows.
47. Describe and highlight the hostess plan during shows.
48. Be friendly and enthusiastic.
49. Follow through on every booking lead.
50. Ask, Ask, Ask
51. Use open ended questions, especially when dealing with bookings.
52. Use your products and samples at home, office, camping, parties, etc..
53. Read sales, self-improvement, and positive thinking books.
54. Call at least two potential hostesses every night.
55. Dream and imagine the possibilities
56. Set goals and review them constantly, post them where you can see them.
57. Ask friends to help you get started or reach a certain goal.
58. Use hostess flyers.
59. Use postcards and or newsletters to continue to spark interest.
60. Follow up phone calls to particularly interested guests. They may decide
later to have a show.
61. Have the hostess tell why she decided to have a show.
62. Give products as gifts or donations.
63. Don’t be shy talking about your products or business.
64. Smile when talking on the phone.
65. Review orders from the past shows–who have bought frequently, etc.
66. Be prepared to answer questions…


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FUN, FEARLESS, FOCUSED... Shelley is an expert in Entrepreneurial Coaching and her mission is in helping Smart, Driven, Creative Entrepreneurs get Un-Stuck, Un-Stressed and Out of Overwhelm so they can create their VISION, develop their PLAN, FOCUS on their PRIORITIES, and take ACTION to build their businesses, make more money and reach their dreams and goals. President/CEO of My Personal Business Coach LLC and My Personal ADHD Coach, Creator of the Right Brain Solution (productivity tools for creative entrepreneurs) and Author of the forthcoming Book Series "How to Get & Keep What you Really, Really Want". As a woman of many talents with a stellar success record of over 23 years starting and running small to multi-million dollar businesses, she understands how passion, drive, and commitment have made it possible to live her best life and how it has put her in a unique position, which allows her to serve her clients in extraordinary ways. Her formal education and certifications along with her vast experience make her one of the most unique and top business consultants/coaches in the country.

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