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Struggling with Time Management or stayi


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Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs an many sales people fall in to the same boat with ADHD’ers when it comes to trying to figure out WHAT TO DO when everything is a #1 priority.

Every single day when I work with clients, meet with potential clients, speak in front of groups and even just talking with friends and family, I always get asked “”I have so many tasks I need to get done that are ALL are TOP priorities. How do I figure out what to do when?” This ESPECIALLY rings true for those who just attended a workshop, a motivational event or training, or has just started coaching with me and someone has now caught the “vision” and is super excited and ready to go. They get back home and REAL LIFE kicks in! The stacks of business cards which were mere inches tall seem to grow taller and more overwhelming each day. The small group of papers which included your notes and actionable items now looks like a thousand pound rock sitting on your desk and OVERWHELM has set in! Family, friends, job responsibilities, the mail, the bills, the kids, the dog, and everything else seems to be in the way of being able to take those next steps towards your goal and vision.

So how do you get unstuck? GREAT QUESTION!

I have some good news and some bad news for you.

The good news is that there is a way out of this feeling of frustration and overwhelm so that you can choose which tasks are the TRUE priority in any given moment. I call it SIMPLI-TIZE or VALUE-TIZE…You simply need to choose things that are DIRECTLY in line with your values and mission, primarily focusing on IPA’s (my abbreviation for Income Producing Activities).

Anything you do, or WANT to do, you have to ask yourself “Does this contribute or is it related to my value and mission (business or personal) and is it directly or indirectly related to income”? If it’s not, then stick it on another list for another time!

And then there’s the bad news. The ability to SIMPLI-TIZE or VALUE-TIZE depends on you coming to terms with the idea, and not lie to yourself, that not everything is truly your #1 priority. (one of my favorite sayings to others is “your failure to plan should not constitute MY emergency)

Think about it? If you have ever worked in a restaurant you know you are in a constant state of competing priorities – yet there is a flow to the process that keeps hungry people happy. Or what about the President of the United States? His entire life is about “#1 priorities” and yet he can’t afford to be caught in prioritizing-paralysis. There is always a way out.

So how do you VALUE-TIZE?

Ask yourself big picture questions.

Here are a few of my favorite questions to ask that put my deliverables in a larger context. This helps me determine which task is truly my highest priority when I am overwhelmed:
• Does this contribute to my immediate income today or in less than 3 days? (If not, put it on the “later” list and STOP doing it.
• Is this directly related to my mission? (My mission is to grow my business by 3 new clients or my mission is to lose 10 pounds or my mission is to get my taxes done because I have money coming back or my mission is to have quality time with my family or my mission is to make 100k this year…)
• Is there ANYONE else who could do this (even if it takes them longer) in order to free me up to focus on IPA’s. (Income Producing Activities) For example, if someone put all of my business cards onto a spreadsheet for me and it took them one hour, I could pay them $10. In one hour, I could make 5 follow up calls and probably get one or TWO sales which far outweigh the $10 I paid someone to do that business card task.
• What would I delegate, delay, or get rid of completely if I got sick and had to go home right now?
• What would I delegate, delay, or get rid of completely if my man surprised me with a trip to Paris or the…