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Difficulty FOCUSING, especially at work


Difficulty FOCUSING, especially at work or class? Here’s a tip to help… My typical business tips are functionally related and not usually of this topic but I wanted to throw this in today because it is soooo incredibly important and because we are SO BUSY in our lives, we tend to forget this. Importantly enough, whether you have ADHD or are just an overwhelmed adult, NUTRITION plays a key part in being able to function at your best. There is a direct link between the food we consume and the effectiveness of how the brain operates. A healthy diet with the right sort of nutritious food helps to minimize the negative effects of ADHD and or difficulty in focusing for adults who simply struggle with this. In contrast, an unhealthy diet of fast food, and food packed with sugars and additives, exacerbates these issues.

There so much information about what you should and shouldn’t eat if you have difficulty focusing or have ADHD. It can get overwhelming. Keeping it simple, here’s one small thing that can make a BIG difference! …………….It’s protein!

When you eat protein with every meal, you have increased:

• attention,
• problem solving skills,
• concentration,
• memory, and
• stable moods

Examples of good quality protein are:

• chicken and turkey (white meat)
• lean red meat
• fish
• protein powder
• dairy products

So, have an egg for breakfast and try to add some protein each meal this wee and let me know how this has made a difference. For other info on how we can help you with goal setting, creating a real plan that works for you, staying focused, eliminating procrastination/distractions/stress/overwhelm, needing consistency and follow through, being clear on your intentions and really getting into action to meet your goals and dreams, please contact me at this link for a 15 minute consultation.


“If every act of your life is an effici


“If every act of your life is an efficient one then your whole life must be a success. Every act can be made strong & efficient by holding your vision while doing it & putting your whole power of FAITH & PURPOSE into it.” by Science of Getting Rich – *Get your EXCLUSIVE WEEKLY SUCCESS PLANNER here

New Years Resolutions Do NOT Work!

New Years Resolutions Do NOT Work!new years
by Shelley Mitchell, CPM, CAPS, CAM, COS, HCCP, MORSAre any of the resolutions you are considering or putting in to place today the same exact ones from last year or even remotely similar? What about your business/career? Your relationship? Your health? Your personal life? Your BUCKET LIST??? Your income and finances? Wouldn’t it be nice to set your intention today and actually ACCOMPLISH YOUR GOAL and NOT having to reset the same thing next year because something got in the way of accomplishing it as it did in 2012?There will be lots of roadblocks and obstacles that will be thrown in front of us in 2013. The difference is how equipped we re to handle them. There is a REAL WAY to actually reach your dreams and goals without having to beat your head up against a wall. My Personal Business Coach and My Personal ADHD Coach have proven methods to help you OVERCOME the obstacles that get in your way. We show you how and and help you eliminate PROCRASTINATION, Lack of FOCUS, Dis-Organization, DISTRACTION, focusing on the wrong things and spinning your wheels, lack of or poor PLANNING, FRUSTRATION of not knowing what the next steps are or FRUSTRATION with the economy and not knowing why others are succeeding or having quicker results than you are, being Stressed Out, being OVERWHELMED, or just being plain ole’ STUCK.

If you are truly ready to make a lasting, permanent CHANGE, send us a message to schedule a no-cost STRATEGY SESSION to see if we are a good fit to help you finally reach your DREAMS and GOALS.

Our GOAL is to help you get what you REALLY, REALLY WANT by using our 7 Step Methodology:

1. Determine your true VALUES so you can discover what it is YOU really, really wantfor your life and your business/career.
2. Get crystal CLEAR on your VISION and SET GOALS that ignite your passion so you can really ACCOMPLISH them.
3. STRATEGIZE your Actions – Create a step by step, easy-to-follow PLAN and take real effective ACTION that moves your forward quickly.
4. Upgrade your SKILLS – we show you how to determine your niche, your talents and what makes you unique so you can BRAND and MARKET yourself and your business and start building impactful relationships that keep you strong… through ANY economy.
5. Optimize your Environment – we help you MINIMIZE DISTRACTIONS and ELIMINATE PROCRASTINATION, get more ORGANIZED and have more FOCUS so you can have major BREAKTRHOUGHS in reaching your GOALS.
6. Master your Psychology – we help you become proactive and eliminate those obstacles and barriers that have always gotten in your way in the past so you can move towards your dreams and Goals with ease so you are UN-Stuck, Un-Stressed and OUT of Overwhelm.
7. Accountability – You now have an Accountability Partner to guide you every step of the way and KEEP YOU ON TRACK. No more getting side-stepped, no more negativity from frustrated friends, spouses or colleagues and NO B.S.! We also hold your best interest at the top of our list and always provide honest feedback. We are your true trusted source.

Again, If you are truly ready to make a lasting, permanent CHANGE, send us a message to schedule a no-cost STRATEGY SESSION to see if we are a good fit to help you finally reach your DREAMS and GOALS.

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