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Question of the Week: Autism and Schools (5 year old son)


By Shelley Mitchell, CPM, CAPS, CAM, HCCP, COS, MORS

(*Author of the forthcoming book series “How To Get & keep What You Really, Really Want – Using SMART Goals to get UNSTRESSED and OUT of OVERWHELM”)

While I am a Business Coach who specializes in ADHD/ADD and do not typically work with clients who have autism, I am privy to other coaches who specialize in this area.  We received the following question and I wanted to share the information with those who may need it.  Please note it pertains to a client in Australia but many of the suggestions are definitely a crossover.

Q:  I have a 5 year old son who has been diagnosed with Autism. The Education Department in our area has a zero tolerance policy towards “violence” towards teachers, and their policy is to call parents to retrieve their children if they get physical. I have worked hard with my coach to educate the school on this matter. We have given them strategies to de-escalate his behaviors, and requested that he be calmed at the school rather than be sent home – which is actually a reward for him.  Things have gone a lot better of late. However, he is about to transition from pre-school to full day and she is concerned that his “problem” behaviors will escalate.  Do you have any additional resources I can check out to support my education of the schools?

A:  Local Autism Group and their advice line link


Human Rights

Article about Ed placement in Australia$File/autredu.pdf

Blurb about Australia’s system for Autism

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