Support Our Veterans and PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS at the same time – November 11th is Veterans Day!


Hi Friends

Veterans Day is November 11th and is coming up quickly. I recently received and email from the Department of the Veterans Affairs which made me remember that we, including me, should be doing something special for our Veterans. I’ve also noticed there are a LOT of discounts and specials being offered for Veterans Day, not just at the VA but stores, restaurants and so on. Some of you may know that I am a disabled Veteran myself with 2 combat patches so I really and truly appreciate companies and businesses and really want to give them my business when I see this type of stuff. I will most likely visit one or two of these businesses on Veterans Day and take them up on their offers, in turn, spending money with their business.

We need to be part of this…..

If you are marketing or catering to veterans, I would definitely get on this boat. If you are not, then I would get on this boat anyway especially for Veterans Day for a multitude of reasons.
1. It shows you are a compassionate and caring business owners who appreciates what our country and our citizens stand for
2. You can use this to reach out to your current customer
3. You can use this to reach new and prospective customers who wouldn’t otherwise notice you
4. It brings awareness to your brand and your business and can increase sales short term and long term

Some ideas would be to:
• Have an open house (and advertise in all of your current advertising sources)
• Have some special red and blue drinks available (punch for example) and have some patriotic cupcakes
• advertise with your outreach flyers to other local businesses, in craigslist and also include blurbs on your current advertising your are doing online
• Send special Thank You Cards or emails to your current or past customers for their service and offer something special
• Maybe have free pizza or hot dogs for Veterans (tell your pizza vendor what you are doing and maybe they will donate if you mention them or give you a discount)
• Have Veterans Day specials! Special Discount, a GWP or even just a free gift for visiting your business
• Decorate your office/business in the most patriotic way. If your are out and about, wear something patriotic while visiting customers
• Ask veterans to come in for coffee and muffins during a certain time just so you can simply thank them and appreciate them for their service,
• get some of the small American flags to pass out
• check out these cute American flag gifts at My Girlfriends house . com (you don’t need a lot, pool your resources)
• Post your event on your craigslist ads
• Run a Referral Special and offer and extra incentive to refer a Veteran
• Post your event on your facebook page and personal page, tweet it, Pin It, Linked In it…….. you know the drill.
• Create an Event on Facebook and share with your friends (and ask them to share with their friends)

These are just some cute ideas but would love for you to share yours with us. You can do this to market to new customers/clients and make your current customers/clients feel appreciated and show how much you care about our Veterans. They definitely deserve all of the appreciation they can get

You will have to put together an Action Plan to make this work for you but it’s a simple idea which can help you in your business. (I’m happy to offer my services to help, FREE to Veteran’s of course 🙂

Go to our site to sign up for a COMPLIMENTARY 20-minute Strategy Session with me to find out how to get Un-Stressed and OUT of Overwhelm so you can…
• get crystal clear on your personal and business GOALS,
• have laser-focus on growing your businesses and relationships, and
• to create a better BALANCE between your business and personal life in order to reach your DREAMS and GOALS.

by: Shelley Mitchell, CPM, CAPS, CAM, HCCP, MORS, COS
(Author of the forthcoming book series “How To Get & keep What You Really, Really Want – Using SMART Goals to get UNSTRESSED and OUT of OVERWHELM”)



Would love to hear your comments!

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